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Funko ReAction Lo Pan and The Three Storms

Funko's ReAction line is a perfect example to modernizing something so classic. Their ReAction figures are based on various pop-culture references, much like their other popular toy line Pop! However, these toys are made with a simple process and style normally seen on Kenner toys from the 1970s and 1980s. Recently, ReAction introduced a new line of toys based on the 80s cult-classic film, Big Trouble in Little China. The characters featured here, are the film's main villains, Lo Pan and The Three Storms.

Lo Pan

Lo Pan’s design was nicely thought out. Lots of time and effort made the outfit and hat very elaborate. Lo Pan's clothes sports two dragons on the shoulders. The faces were painted coral and the scales were colored green. Lo Pan’s hands even have the long gold nails seen on both pinkies.

As an accessory, Lo Pan comes with that weird floating head, called "The Watcher," who spied on the movie’s heroes and instantly notified Lo Pan of the good guys' whereabouts through telepathy. The entire piece was molded in pink plastic, and is quite tiny, like a small gum ball. Do be careful to not lose this, nor let small children eat this toy.

The Three Storms

The biggest highlight from this movie figure line has to be The Three Storms, three elemental masters and Lo Pan's most trusted henchmen. Besides mastering martial arts, each individual possessed a special power. One mastered the element of thunder, the second was rain, and the third was lighting. These villainous characters also inspired the development of a popular character of Mortal Kombat, called Raiden.


Thunder’s clothing is khaki with light pastel brown bottoms, brown boots, brown cape, and a wicker hat. The carving details that was made into the hat were nicely done. The brown cape is designed to be removable, so anyone has the option to keep this accessory on or off according to his or her taste. Thunder’s waist piece is very unique from the three. His buckle is a bronze lion's head with three tassels dangling from the neck. The details are tiny, yet perfectly executed.

Thunder also comes with a set of two bladed weapons that were seen from the movie. The material is quite flexible to prevent these weapons from breaking. The light silver metallic paint job nicely coated every point on this weapon.


Rain also distinguishes himself from the rest through his outfit and weaponry. Rain’s Chinese clothing is blue, but he has some layers of added apparel. Wrapped around his waist is a type of bamboo armor. Over that layer of armor is his metal dragon buckle and a kukri in it's sheath.

His accessories are the removable brown cape and a pair of silver claw-like weapons called "Zhua," which means "claw." These weapons have great attention to detail and are quite flexible, so they won’t break when being handled.


Rounding up the group is of course Lightning. Lightning also wears a hat and cape like his other comrades, but he is distinguished by his grey and black clothing, as well as his armor. His chest piece is comprised of diamond shaped patterns forged on metal. Funko did a great job in mimicking that.

Lightning comes with a pair of Emei Daggers, but they lack one crucial bit of accuracy. In the movie, Lightning used his powers to have the blades spin on a ring non stop with a lot of revolutions per minute. Obviously, a toy cannot make these blades spin in those hands, like lawn mowers, so these tools just fit in Lightning’s hands like they were wrenches.


These figures are absolutely superb. They are toys based from an 80s cult classic film and made almost exactly like Kenner figures from the 70s. If Big Trouble in Little China toys were made by Kenner in 1986, they would probably look like this. Fans of this movie would not want to miss out on these great items. They are inexpensive, fun to play with, and great for displays!

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    1. I got these figures online from Entertainment Earth. They are also available on eBay, Big Bad Toy Store, and Amazon.


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