Saturday, May 16, 2015

Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Deluxe Class Skydive Review

One Aerialbot down, four more to go!  Today's review will be about Deluxe Class Skydive from the Combiner Wars line. Unlike Air Raid, Skydive was released in the first wave of toys.

Jet Mode

Skydive's jet mode is alright. The light grey plastic brings out the wonderful panel lining details. The same applies to the gold painted wings and missiles mounted underneath. The wings also have black striped edges and a red Autobot insignia outlined in silver paint. Skydive's windshields were painted metallic grey, which is an appropriate call, as the color collaborates with every other part on the plane.

The nosecone and tail fins were molded out of rubber, which is probably meant to keep costs down and prevent the parts from breaking.

There is one obvious issue for anyone who is unfavorable to undercarriage. Skydive's robot arms are unhidden, as they are tucked to the sides. Unfortunately, there were no other option that could conceal these limbs, but these sacrifices were needed to make the transformation process possible.

The aircraft has two peg holes underneath the wings that store both of Skydive's weapons. This option looks like a fighter jet is loaded with heavy artillery.

Robot Mode

Skydive was given some drastic modifications to keep this character looking tough, while keeping some aesthetics from the G1 era. This revamped version lost half of its bulk in favor of a slimmer frame, while preserving the blocky shape.

The tremendous armor and aircraft themed details on this robot are highly complemented by a stellar paint job. The missiles on the side of Skydive’s backpack is painted matte metallic gold, his torso is glossy red, and the forearms and feet are painted glossy black. Every other part is either molded grey or black plastic.

Skydive’s head sculpt is anything but sloppy. Every attention to detail was made to effectively design his unique facial expression topped with a type of helmet over his head.

Skydive is equipped with a double barreled gun and what looks like a missile launcher. That firearm is also a foot/hand piece that is needed for the combined mode. Skydive’s foot/hand piece is distinguished by the black joint rigged in the opposable thumb.

Arm Transformation

Skydive officially transform's into Superion's left arm. This transformation process requires Skydive to initially be in robot mode.

Leg Transformation

Like all previous Deluxe Class toys, Skydive is able to transform into a leg. According to the instructions, this transformation process requires Skydive to initially be in jet mode. However, starting off in robot mode is also possible.


Skydive's Height

Size Comparison


Skydive isn't a bad toy at all. The jet mode is a little lackluster, but his robot mode, articulated capabilities, and other features certainly make up for all downfalls. Skydive is a good collectible that deserves to be on anyone's display shelf.

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