Saturday, May 9, 2015

Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Deluxe Class Air Raid Review

The next combined mode from Combiner Wars to be reviewed is Superion, but first the individual team mates that comprise this massive robot should be given the spotlight. Up first, is Aerialbot Air Raid! Air Raid was released in the second wave of Deluxe Class toys.

Jet Mode

Air Raid's jet mode looks great and there is a unique novelty to this official transformation. This aircraft is not spared from undercarriage. The top half is a cool, slick looking black jet with great detailing, painted windshields, and three shades of striping on the wings and tail fins' edges. The bottom half of the jet shows some robot limbs, but also in contrasting colors.

The formation of the bottom gives an impression that Air Raid is literally tucking his arms and legs in to make his disguise possible. In fact, turning his head around plays to this imagination even further.  To some collectors, the undercarriage could be inconvenient, but in this case, there is no problem at all.

Air Raid does come with some weapon storage options. Both of his weapons can be mounted underneath the wings or on the roof. Though the weapons may appear too bulky on the air craft, these choices ensure that the jet and accessories do not have to be separated in any transformation mode.

Robot Mode

Air Raid looks absolutely stunning. The details on this robot is taken with great care, even Air Raid's face sculpt is pure aces. Hasbro's choice for Air Raid’s colors feels quite similar to the G1 cartoon, but not completely. Unlike G1's version, this revamped look now includes metallic orange paint on Air Raid's shoulders and outer forearms, and glossy red shins.

There is only one tiny bit of an issue with this toy. Collectors, who prefer their toys gap free, will probably be disappointed by the gap revealed on the inner side of Air Raid's calves. However, these modifications were needed to make jet transformation possible.

Air Raid comes with two weapons. One is a double barreled gun that can be held in either one of Air Raid's hands or plugged into his forearms. The other weapon is a black foot/hand piece that could be used either as a missile launcher or shield. Air Raid's foot/hand piece is distinguished by the white joint rigged inside the opposable thumb.

Arm Transformation

In combined mode, Air Raid officially transforms into Superion's right arm. This design is very solid and the joints aren't loose at all.

Leg Transformation

Collector's looking for some variety can also turn Air Raid into a leg. The limb is nicely thought out and very well put together.


Air Raid's Height

Size Comparison


Air Raid is a solid entry into this line. Although the jet mode may become a slight problem for some, one can't ignore the stunning details made on the air craft. The robot mode is fantastic, as it's overall appearance feels like a throwback to G1, the articulation is fun to work with, and those accessories are equally enjoyable. Fans of Air Raid or the Aerialbots in general should not skip this superb figure.

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