Sunday, June 30, 2013

G0dz1lla72 presents X-Plus 25 cm Gigan 1972 Review

There are a lot of Godzilla figure reviewers out there on YouTube, but only a few of them consistently maintains a standard of providing useful information with entertainment in their reviews. G0dz1lla72 is one of my favorite reviewers out there, and today I want to give him the spotlight.

Here is a review on one the best figure representations of Gigan!

See more great reviews on his YouTube channel by clicking the link below or subscribe for more updates:

Devil Gundam Creation Part 2: Getting Back On Track!

Despite a few slip ups from before, I continue to fix them quickly and efficiently before moving on to the next step.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Bandai USA Burning Godzilla (2nd Version) Review

I normally ignored all figures distributed by Bandai USA because I was not impressed with their final products in the past. This impression stuck with me as my collection of authentic Japanese figures continued to grow. In this world, there is always one exception that challenge your principle, this case being one of them. I found this figure in a local K-Mart and for some reason, this toy seemed very appealing. Well, the figure was pretty cheap, so I felt like there was little or nothing lose.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Devil Gundam Creation Part 1: What Did I Get Myself Into?

Honestly, I never saw this day coming....building my very first Gundam model. Bandai NG 1/144 Devil Gundam looked very tempting for something affordable from Hobby Link Japan. I originally planned to stick with the model's original colors, but seeing images of great custom, painted models of this kind definitely changed my mind. Experts say cheap 1/144 models are great for beginners, so I hoped this was the case too. However, coming across many headaches, unprecedented challenges, and noobish mistakes were something I did not expect.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Marmit Anguirus 1968 (Pre-painted Built-Up Model Kit) Review

Anguirus was released by Marmit in 2008 as a pre-painted built vinyl figure. There was another version of this figure sold as an unpainted unassembled model kit, so a collector had the choice of having their figure already made or as a custom project. A few sources cited that the unpainted model kit version actually was released in 2006, which implies that the "already made" version might have been released two years later. The technicality is not that important because both versions are a joy to have.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

G.I. Joe: Retaliation "A Real American Review"

Cobra Commander: "Muahahahaha!!! That's right people of the world! I have successfully brought the nation of the United States under the control of COBRA, and now holding YOU hostage with my new super weapon!"
Audience: "Boooooooo!!!!!"
Cobra Commander: "Ah SHADDUP!"
Audience: "BOOOOOOO!!!!!!"
Cobra Commander: "Well, like it or not, you now have only two options: Surrender to COBRA or be destroyed!  You have no other choice! And further more~"
*The audience goes crazy, cheering for Rock as he enters the complex while Cobra Commander is stunned and confused*
Jerry "The King" Lawler: "OMG JR! It's the Rock! I don't believe it!"
Jim Ross: "The Rock has returned, ladies and gentlemen! To lay the "smackdown" on Cobra Commander, here tonight, on Monday Night RAW!"

Ok ok, that did not REALLY happen in the movie, but it might as well have with a story line that is  just as creative as the people who do the WWE storylines. Is that a good thing? Well let's take a look at the second installment of Paramount Picture's G.I. Joe: Retaliation. (Warning: Some spoilers included below)
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