Tuesday, November 22, 2011

X-Plus: Kairyu (Manda) Figure Review

X-Plus Kairyu (Manda)
I finally came across the existence of X-Plus figures over a year ago. The first X-Plus figure I've seen online was Manda and at that moment I decided to buy him one day. With some luck and patience I was able to buy this version: Kairyu (also known as Manda) Monochrome Exclusive from the Ultra Q series!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Kabaya: God Ginrai (Apex Armor) Review

As an added bonus to Saibaa Nichiyoobi, I want to reserve a separate post for a toy based on the combination of two forces who are determined to protect all life forms in this universe. Well actually, one wants to protect all life forms, while the other just does what he is told. I present to you: God Ginrai, also known as Apex Armor in the U.S.A.

Kabaya: God Bomber (Apex Bomber) Review

Hello again! This is another version of Saibaa Nichiyoobi. I will wrap up my Kabaya reviews today, by introducing the 3rd and final toy from Kabaya's 3rd wave of Transformers toys: God Bomber also known as Apex Bomber.

Kabaya: Super Ginrai (Powermaster Optimus Prime) Review

This is another continuation of Saibaa Nichiyoobi. For this post, I want to talk about my favorite toy out of this 3rd wave of Transformers figures: Super Ginrai also known as Powermaster Optimus Prime here in the United States.

Kabaya: Super Ginrai (Powermaster Optimus Prime)

Kabaya: Starscream Review

Howdy-do! This is a special edition of Saibaa Nichiyoobi. Today I plan to cover Kabaya's 3rd wave of transformers candy toys. The first toy to examine is an alien robot that is considered the dangerous of all the seekers. The self-proclaimed "pride of the Cybertron War Academy" and Decepticon Air Commander: Starscream!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saibaa Nichiyoobi Special!

For the next edition of Seiba Nichiyobi..........

Imported from Japan, Kabaya and Tomy created devices that forever changed the toy industry! Three crucial individuals contained inside this mysterious box, determines the fate of Earth as we know it. No one saw this advanced, mind-numbing engineered specimiens coming! Fellow viewers, prepare yourself for the debut of.....

Friday, November 18, 2011

Charapro: Great Muta (Cyber Muta) Figure Review

Charapro Great Muta (Cyber Muta) Figure
 Great Muta (alter-ego of Keiji Mutoh) is one of my favorite professional wrestlers today, so to make a review about one of his figures today seems fitting. I bought this version of Muta from ebay. Honestly, finding loose Japanese figures on sale these days is really tough. You are likely to find at least one unpackaged figure every month. I paid more attention to loose figures lately because I like to look at them from different angles and display them on a shelf.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kabaya: G1 Optimus Prime Review

Greetings readers! Welcome to another edition of SAIBAA NICHIYOOBI!

I'm not a hardcore collector of G1 Transformers toys like a few of my friends, but I do have a tiny (only 5 pieces) collection of figures. This one one of them: Kabaya's G1 Optimus Prime.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tralalalala lalala lalala lalalalalaaaa! "I will never die!" - Singed

AsianHK here, bringing you the inside dish on what goes on in my crazy head of mine. ^_^v So by popular demand, I decided to do another article based on the online game League of Legends. My last article I covered the OP DPS, Graves the Outlaw. But I thought, "Enh, small kine not fair for me to do an article on a champion that I don't really use or know inside out." So I asked a few friends and I kept hearing the same thing: "Singed so OP!" So, I hope I can give u folks a full insight on my personal main champion in gameplay: Singed, The Mad Chemist.

and btw, if you read my last article about Graves: I CALLED THE NERF! XD

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Wonder Girls' Second Album: "Wonder World" Review

Wow! That's all I can say. Wonder Girls (under JYP) introduced themselves to U.S.A. by becoming the opening act in the Jonas Brothers World Tour 2009 for 49 concert dates. Perhaps the most popular song by the Wonder Girls was "Nobody," which utilized a retro Doo-wop concept mixed with a hint of modern electro. In October 2009, WG managed to enter Billboard's Hot 100, making them the first Korean band to enter the chart proving you don't need TV or radio exposure to be heard. Thanks to the internet, K-Pop bands have an easier time to reach to us foreigners and we thank them for acknowledging us!

Transformers Universe: (Legends) G2 Megatron Review

Greetings! Today, I'm starting a new, short-run segment called....

I'm taking a break from Godzilla figures to review Transformers toys. Since this genre is barely new to me, I hope to do a pretty decent job.

For my very first Transformers figure review, I'd like to start off with this little guy: Transformers Universe G2 Megatron from Hasbro.
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