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Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Voyager Class Silverbolt Review

Combiner Wars reviews continue, as the next Aerialbot to be covered will be Silverbolt. Silverbolt is one out of two Voyager Class toys of the first wave, and he becomes the torso and head of Superion.

Jet Mode

Silverbolt follows the original G1 version by also adapting a variation of the Concorde jet design, but this incarnation has been modified. The execution is wonderful and although the design doesn’t sport a sophisticated paint job, there are a plethora of sculpted details that are highlighted through the off white molded plastic. Complementing the body color is the orange striping on the sides, silver painted thrusters, and red Autobot insignia.

The nosecone and other black molded tips are made of rubber to prevent some serious damage happening on those pieces. The jet does come with some undercarriage but they aren’t an issue at all. One revealing robot feature that may bother some people may be those arms tucked underneath both wings.

The jet mode comes with a few cool features. When on a flat, solid surface, the jet has a landing gear that folds out. When displayed in mid-air, the gun that is meant for Superion can peg below the plane for some aerial offense.

Robot Mode

Silverbolt maintains the same blocky figure as his original form. However, the newer version has bulkier arms and legs, leaner torso, and slimmer head. The detailing is consistently statisfying as there are panel lines, vents, and other cosmetic features.

Except the chest portion, Silverbolt adopted a set of colors that are closer to the G1 cartoon, but the accuracy isn't completely there. Not that this is a bad thing either. At least half of Silverbolt's body is comprised of off-white armor. His shoulders, hands, knees, and feet are black. The biceps, thighs, and parts of his abdomen were painted orange. His chest and outer portions of the leg are red.

The body also contains some nice metallic silver paint applied to Silverbolt's face and chest. There are also beautiful Autobot insignias painted in the same color, shade, and finish.

One minor problem that Cyclonus had was his backpack, as the tip of the jet's nosecone would get in the way a few times when manually fiddling with his legs. In this case, Silverbolt is quite different, as the backpack wasn't a nuisance when posing this figure. Of course, Cyclonus is a retool of this toy, which is why the blueprint worked a tad better with Silverbolt.

Silverbolt comes with two accessories. Superion’s gun separates into two pieces, resulting in a smaller gun and shield for Silverbolt to use. Another option is to hold the shield as an electrostatic discharger rifle, but the weapon can’t fit that well in his hand.

Superion (Torso)

Silverbolt transforms into Superion’s torso. The design feels quite sturdy and well put together. However, there is one minor issue to deal with. The rubbery orange antennas have trouble standing up on their own and tend to bend backwards. They require some fiddling to have them stand properly.


Silverbolt’s Height

Size Comparison


Silverbolt is a cool figure to have. The jet and robot modes aren't very lackluster, Silverbolt's range of articulation is terrific, and Superion's torso looks nicely proportioned. This figure is definitely recommended!

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