Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fave Rave: Great Muta Devil Deluxe Figure

For today's fave rave, I'd like to showcase something for pro-wrestling and Keiji Mutoh fans out there. This is the Great Muta Devil Deluxe Figure from CharaPro.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Culture Japan Season 2 Debuts This Tuesday On Mnet America

Earlier this week, The Rave Corner featured an article about the hit TV show Culture Japan.

Mnet America has announced that Culture Japan Season 2 will debut this Tuesday 1/24 around 5:30PM PST. For all viewers living in the state of Hawaii and with Time Warner Cable: Season 2 will air 3PM - 4PM Hawaii time, then a replay from 6PM - 7PM if you missed the earlier showing on channel 134 (note: Time Warner will air two 30 min episodes back to back. The new episodes are likely to be the second half of the 1 hour block).

Are you looking forward to the premiere of Culture Japan Season 2 also? Leave a comment below and show how much you love this show! All comments are open to the public.

Transformers R.O.T.F. Voyager Class Bludgeon Figure Review

Saibaa Nichiyoobi is back and this time I'm reviewing my very first Transformers toy from the voyager class. Thanks to ebay, I introduce to you: Bludgeon from R.O.T.F. figure line!

The character, Bludgeon, immediately blew me away because he combines two things that are cool to me: a robot and a samurai. Bludgeon's original Pretender toy was fantastic, so Takara-Tomy/Hasbro invested a lot of time and resources to recreate this character (at least the Pretender shell) as a transforming figure.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Fave Rave: Culture Japan Season 2 Episode 1

Hello! This is Aaron again and today I'd like to introduce another fave rave: "Culture Japan."

Our host, Danny Choo, introduces Japanese culture (especially anime) to different parts of the world through his popular blog: http://www.dannychoo.com and TV show, "Culture Japan." Danny is very popular among anime fans and he might be one of your favorite bloggers/TV hosts as well.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fave Rave: jon3pnt0 Presents Prime Reviews

Hey guys this is Aaron introducing a new segment that I like to call, "Fave Rave." Today I want to talk about one of my fave raves on YouTube: jon3pnt0...er...I mean Optimus Primes' Prime Reviews!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Early Prediction of the 2012 Royal Rumble Winner

Good MLK Day Everyone!!

Here's the PreZ with his early "Presidents Pick" to WIN the 2012 Royal Rumble:


He is a former six-time World Champion, and the 1st and FINAL WWF Undisputed Champion (United the WWF Championship and the World Championship) in 2001. He recently came back in January of 2012, his "heel/face" status is currently unknown.

Let's see just what happens!

What is your pick for this year's Royal Rumble? Leave a comment below to show who you think will be the winner this year (all comments are open to the public).

My Thoughts On Robot Chicken's 100th Episode!

Congratulations to all of the contributors for the hit TV show on Adult Swim: Robot Chicken! Robot Chicken aired their 100th episode, Fight Club Paradise, this past Sunday and to give my overall opinion on this episode...I thought the show was brilliant and very entertaining! Thank you for the great sketches and overall use of figures in your scenes instead of actors/actresses.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Charismatic Enigma's Comeback

Aloha everyone!

Mr. PreZ is back and able to provide you all with my latest judgement on the man we know as...The Charismatic Enigma; Jeff Hardy.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Marmit Vinyl Para Babies: Mothra (Larva, Showa) Figure Review

Marmit Parababy Mothra (Showa)
I should've been more active lately, but I caught the cold which halted my progress completely. To make it up for those who enjoy my figure reviews, I'd like to bring forth something unique on this site: Mothra (Larva, Showa) from Marmit's Vinyl Para Babies figure line!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Dragon Ball Z: Goten Figure Review by Irwin Toys

Goten by Irwin Toys
Hello again and Happy New Year! I apologize for my absence, but I've been very occupied with things outside of running this site. However, A&D's Corner is going through some changes and we hope to bring new and great material for you all.

I didn't post anything anime related yet, so I'll start one today. I glanced at some figures from my collection and came across this guy: Dragon Ball Z Goten figure. This figure was purchased from a comic shop a long time ago and has stayed with me since.

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