Sunday, May 31, 2015

Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Deluxe Class Firefly Review

The formation of Superion is just one bot away! Rounding up the group of Aerialbots is none other than Firefly, originally known as Fireflight. The name was probably changed due to trademark issues. Firefly was issued in wave 1 of Deluxe sized Combiner Wars Toys.

Jet Mode

Firefly’s alternate mode is a red and white variation of the Harrier Jump Jet. Although the colors seem overwhelming, they mostly follow the G1 theme of Fireflight from 1986.

The aircraft has some really good detailing. Of what's provided, the panels, windows, tail fins, wings, landing gear, and vents are great. All of the tabs and slots inside this jet were efficiently engineered to lock everything together snugly.

The undercarriage does include a pair of robot arms underneath the wings and tail fins. They are the only two issues that may peeve some collectors.

The two weapons needed for robot and combined mode can be mounted underneath both wings. They look pretty neat, but the foot/hand piece tilts the jet slightly on the ground.

Robot Mode

Firefly must be the slimmest Autobot of the group. The design definitely feels like a throwback to the original G1 toy, but with some modifications.

The newer version has silver and blue paint applications applied to the upper torso. The arms and legs remain white, but the knees were painted black and the feet were colored silver. The head sculpt also feels very vintage, as the head, face shield, and colors are quite similar. On top of those details are a few modifications, especially those blue painted eyes. That shade matches the same blue tone used in Firefly’s torso.

Firefly has two weapons. One is a single barrel hand gun, and the other is a foot/hand piece that can be used as a double barreled gun. Firefly’s foot/hand piece has the same colored joint rigged in the opposable thumb as Alpha Bravo’s accessory, but what distinguishes the two are their designs. Unlike Firefly’s accessory, which has two barrels, Alpha Bravo’s foot/hand piece has two Gatling guns.

Leg Mode

According to the instructions, Firefly becomes Superion's left leg. The transformation is a bit easier to execute when Firefly is initially in jet mode.

Arm Mode

Apparently, Hasbro's instructions have contradicted the image of Superion that was provided with every Aerialbot's packaging of the Deluxe Class. In that photo, Firefly was used as Superion's right arm and not a left leg. Despite what the official combined mode is supposed to be, Superion was also meant to be modified according to the consumer's tastes. Therefore, feel free to explore some options and find what version is better. The hand can also hold Firefly's weapon.


Firefly's Height

Size Comparison


Firefly did not disappoint. Firefly’s aircraft mode is alright, but his robot mode is better. The joints are nicely snug and the range of articulation is fun to tinker with. Firefly is another Aerialbot that is worth picking up.

Next week, Superion will be fully assembled and reviewed! Feel free click the “Figure Reviews” tab on top of this page to see Transformers Combiner Wars and other toy reviews that were published before. Until then, enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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