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Bandai: Theater Exclusive Metldown Godzilla Review

#7 in my top 10 countdown of 2011 is a toy based on a monster you wouldn't want near your neighborhood because you could die with him: Bandai's Theater Exclusive 9" Meltdown Godzilla!

Theater Exclusive Meltdown Godzilla
This guy is made in 1995 in conjunction with one of Godzilla's last films, "Godzilla vs Destoroyah." Yes I did say "one of" because Godzilla's movie run was supposed to end in 1995 forever or at least a long period of time. I read somewhere that the next Godzilla movie wasn't expected to come out until 2004 or 2005. I cannot remember the source of this info so don't quote me on that. Anyways after Tristar's terrible remake in 1998, Toho decided to make Godzilla movies again in late 1999.

This look has be re-used from the original 8" Burning Godzilla figure (I've yet to buy this one too). This toy is a theater exclusive, which meant back then you could only buy this guy in movie theaters during premiere night. Today, this figure is a little easy to find online. I should point out that in '96 this guy was in high demand after it was sold out in theaters, causing Bandai to reissue him in a second and a third run (if you include book ads). My sources say that the reissues were usually sold through mail orders, but it seems like there could've been other means to buy this version of Godzilla. The total production run is definitely more than 5000. Telling an original figure from the reissues is difficult to do without the tags (like mine). My only hint is the tags attached to the original version has a white, round sticker on it. If the tags are clean, then you have a reissued version. The good news is the toys are still valued the same (original or not), unless you come across the very few people who values/prices the original version way higher. They do exist....

This is one of the first run of toys to be made out of soft vinyl. Back then, Godzilla and his co-stars were made from hard vinyl, but was discontinued due to child safety concerns. Don't put hard vinyl toys in your mouth children! They're pointy and could cause some serious throat damage when you try to swallow some pieces. You probably assume that since the materials have changed to soft vinyl, the details have scaled back a bit. Yo no pienso que amigo! Err...I mean watashi wa sou wa omoi masen! The detail is fantastic! In fact this design and Godzilla '92 (#8) version are the 2 most commonly used molds in the history of Bandai's Godzilla toy series. The vinyl is florescent orange painted red to pull off the moment Godzilla glowed completely red/orange during meltdown. Holding this guy close to any light would add to that meltdown look, but don't have him close to a lamp for too long or else he'll literally meltdown. The eyes are red with orange corneas and the teeth was once whiter but got worn out by his previous owner. That's right....I bought another loose toy but hey...I got a good deal for his condition.

There are five points of articulation on this toy: the head rotates 360 degrees, both arms rotate, and the legs can rotate all the way as well.

My complaints about this figure (the one I have) other than the slightly worn out teeth; the right arm is a little loose. Before you buy any vintage toy online, make sure you examine the photos to recognize all of the big and little defects, then decide if the price is reasonable. If there aren't enough photos, ask the seller to provide more. This is one of the few times I missed this flaw, so I was disappointed to see that small defection. However, that joint is still pretty secured so it's no big deal. The figure also leans slightly over his left side. I don't think this is common because the other figures I've seen online had an even stance. At least this defect makes this figure unique.

For size comparison, Meltdown Godzilla is right on scale with Kiryu. You've finally met your match Kiryu ha ha ha ha! Forget "Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla III," or "Tokyo S.O.S." I'd like to see these two guys square off. Even though Kiryu is armed with multiple weaponry, one cannot argue that Meltdown Godzilla is supposed to be one of the strongest versions of Godzilla. Why? Because at one moment in time (1995), Godzilla absorbed too much nuclear energy that his heart became a huge nuclear reactor waiting to explode, which could cause severe destruction to the world! That's one heck of a heart attack!

Anyways if this guy happens to "melt" your heart, buy him as soon as possible!

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  1. To bad Godzilla didn't have a giant TUMS with him at the time


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