Wednesday, August 6, 2014

S.H. MonsterArts Godzilla (Adult Jr.) Review

In an unpredictable move, S.H. MonsterArts stunned the collectors community by announcing this particular figure's release. Even more interesting is the back story behind this creation, which is being referred as the moment when Godzilla Jr. absorbed Godzilla's radiation during the meltdown phase (Godzilla vs. Destoroyah) towards the ending. The absorption evolved Godzilla Jr. into the creature you saw before the closing credits. This figure is referred as "Adult Jr." or "Rebirth" Godzilla among collectors.

Design & Details

Due to the nature of this Godzilla (Adult Jr.), Tamashii Nation's decision to just simply retool the Godzilla '95 figure makes sense. After all, Adult Jr. did look similar to Godzilla 1995, minus the burning, glowing effect.

Godzilla's details are mostly the same. He uses the same skin texture that appears a lot more refined due to the paint job and lack of transparent parts. The proportions, bulk, height, claws, toes, fin shapes, facial features, and segmented alterations (meant for articulation) are also similar.

What certainly makes this Godzilla different from Godzilla '95 is the material he is made out of. The figure is comprised of the same plastic used by Godzilla 2000 that is softer, more flexible, and allows easier articulation. Pulling off some wider poses proved to be quite simpler because of these minor improvements.

Paint Job

Adult Jr. has charcoal grey skin with some lighter shades of grey to bring out the skin texture and other notable details. The back and tail fins are also outlined with light grey paint. Godzilla's claws, toes, and teeth are beige. His eyes are white with yellow irises and black pupils.


Godzilla comes with the same pair of alternate hands that Godzilla '95 had. Swapping these hands as little as possible is recommended, considering how cumbersome snapping the new hands can be, and there's always a risk of wearing down those small ball joints.

Also included, is an atomic breath effect that is modeled similarly, if not identical, to the first Heisei Godzilla variant accessory. The plastic beam and atomic support base is mostly transparent red, and is supported by a clear poseable arm.


Figure Specs

Size Comparison


When comparing Adult Jr. with the first Heisei Godzilla released years ago, this version excels in both looks and playability. If anyone hasn't had a regular Heisei Godzilla yet, or is unsatisfied with the first SHMA Godzilla figure, then this collectible toy is a must buy! This figure sold very well in Japan, and it's only a matter of time before they sell out here too.

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