Sunday, June 3, 2012

Banpresto Godzilla 1999 (Mire-Goji) DX Figure Review

Banpresto was very clever in how they distributed these figures. The only way to get this monster is to win him as a prize in one of those crane games. These figures were likely available in conjunction to the movie, Godzilla 2000: Millennium. My only regret is not being able to win this prize personally in Japan.

The Figure:  Because Mire-Goji was a prize earned through crane machines, this figure was issued in pieces that were sealed in a back with a header card. The figure have to be assembled on your own, but never fear because even without the instructions, you can easily figure out what pieces match with each other. All vinyl pieces have a thick, solid knob or inner brace at one end, which must be heated with a blow dryer so those knots or braces can flex and fit securely to other sections. I can sort of see the fun of assembling vinyl model kits!

This figure is the first issue, which is molded from black vinyl. The second version was molded out of green vinyl. What separates this brand from Bandai right off the bat is Godzilla's massive size.

Banpresto's Godzilla is (on average) two inches taller than Bandai's standard size and longer too. The sculpt was done by Yuji Sakai. What I like about this design is that this figure closely resembles illustrations you'd see in movie posters, especially one from Godzilla Final Wars desktop wallpaper.

The skin texture is great and the spines seem to have been individually sculpted which makes each plate look unique. Godzilla's face looks great for lacking derp eyes. The rows of teeth and curved tongue makes a nice addition, but my only wish is for the snout extend a bit. I think Godzilla's snout looks a little round than pointed. The toes does look a little too spread out, but I got used to it quickly.

Figure Specs:


Final Thoughts:  With the help of Yuji Sakai, Banpresto was able to give collectors such a unique piece. This Millennium version will definitely stand out and make a great conversation piece. I much prefer the first release (black vinyl ver.) because the paint job looks better on this one. If you find this figure on sale that is still sealed and unassembled, I highly recommend you to buy it and have fun putting Godzilla together! You can also buy him in used condition as well.


  1. The detail on this version was pretty cool, especially for a rather inexpensive figure. I have this colored version and my buddy has the more light green version of this Banpresto kit. It's so menacing isn't it? I think that's what I like about it.

    1. This design is certainly unique, and I think that the best part of this figure is that Godzilla looks gorgeous at any angle. I'm glad Yuji Sakai contributed to this splendid collectible piece.


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