Monday, November 26, 2012

K-Pop Journey: SBS K-Pop Super Concert America (11/10/12)

SBS K-Pop Super Concert was held in the Verizon Ampitheatre in Irvine, CA. This wonderful TV recorded event was hosted by Jung Yong-hwa (CN Blue), Tiffany (SNSD), and Kikwang (B2ST). The groups performing that night were 4Minute, SISTAR, Karmin (why?), CNBlue, B2ST, Kara, 2NE1, and SNSD. This time around, I joined my sister and cousin for this great event. We had to show up around 11AM because of the K-Pop fan meets that will take place on the field. I entered my name in two different raffles to meet the groups I'd love to meet: SNSD and SISTAR. As luck and unluck would have it: I got into 4Minute/SISTAR's fan meet, but not SNSD's. I received my results days in advance of the concert. Because Kwon Yuri is my favorite K-Pop idol, I was sulking for days before the concert. When will there ever be another chance to meet SNSD, especially Yuri in a fan meet in America again? My sister and cousin were the lucky ones that won a place in SNSD's fan meet.

Friday, November 23, 2012

K-Pop Journey: BigBang Alive Galaxy Tour 2012 (11/3/12)

BigBang's next stop in their Alive Galaxy Tour was the Honda Center in Anaheim, California. The hype was so hot that BigBang ended up having two consecutive concerts instead of just one night. I'm not sure about their first concert, but the second night (original date) was sold out, and boy that concert sure was crazy! Never have I ever felt a lot of excitement along with a minor share of disappointment.

First the positive, the concert was awesome! BigBang delivered a solid performance and then some! I've been to some of the biggest K-Pop concerts on the west coast for a year now, and none have been able to spoil their fans as much as BigBang did. Of course I don't mean "spoil" in a bad way whatsoever, which I'll explain later.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

K-Pop Journey: 2NE1 'New Evolution' Concert at the Nokia Theatre (8/24/12)

2NE1's concert was held in the Nokia Theatre on the night of 8/24/12. My sister and I arrived at least 30 minutes before the concert started, and to no surprise........the lines were huge!

Every single entrance to the building had to average about 100 people or so. The event was certainly sold out, with reports claiming that a total of 7,100 people in attendance. Because of these numbers, 2NE1 was later awarded a plaque by Nokia representatives for a sell out crowd, and an inclusion to the hall of fame.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I Give My Thanks To K-Pop

Thanksgiving is just mere moments away. Of course, I must immediately give my special thanks to my parents, sister, other relatives, and friends. However, in the topic of giving thanks to things other than close people I know, I'd like to praise another subject...K-Pop!

Honestly, my taste in music was very different before 2009. Throughout most of my life, I listened to Hip-Hop and RnB. Then, I started to venture into other genres because autotune was becoming popular in the States, and that trend does not suit my tastes. Eventually, I exposed myself to K-Pop long after I watched my first K-Drama. I fully embraced the change, and have not turned back since.

I honestly support girl and guy groups. However, my support for these artists vary on multiple levels. My favorite girl groups contain at least one member that is so pretty...she makes my heart flutter (crush if you will), talent, charisma, and good quality beats. On the other hand, guy groups are seen more like cool bros to me that perform songs that are fresh, and gives me the urge to bob my head and dance.

In contribution to this year's holiday. I'll write three separate journal entries about three different K-Pop concerts I attended this past Summer and Fall entitled, "K-Pop Journey."

Friday, November 16, 2012

Bandai Showa Rodan Figure Review

Today I'm writing about a classic, retro piece from the early 90's. Figures from that time are especially valuable to me because I always perceive hard vinyl pieces as something of high quality. Hard vinyl toys just somehow give me an impression of high durability compared to the soft vinyl material used today, not that I resent soft vinyl figures whatsoever. Spending most of my childhood during the 90's also explains why I highly favor Bandai's vintage pieces. Showa Rodan is one out of many fine pieces released during that time.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Puroresu Figure Review: Great Sasuke & Tiger Hattori

I originally planned to complete my review of two Transformers figures for 'Saibaa Nichiyoobi,' but was unable to because of some unforeseen circumstances. Regardless, I still want to provide something, so I'll instead review all of my puroresu figures that were recently added to my collection. The Great Sasuke and Tiger Hattori are just two out of four puroresu figures that I want to write about. Without further a do, let's move on tho the review!

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