Saturday, May 30, 2015

Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Deluxe Class Alpha Bravo Review

There's just two more characters to review before the assembling of Superion! The fourth Aerialbot to be reviewed is a new member of the group, Alpha Bravo. Alpha Bravo was released in the first wave of Deluxe Class toys and has been introduced in the IDW Generation 1 continuity comics.

Helicopter Mode

Alpha Bravo is a clean cut helicopter for the most part. The under carriage isn't overwhelming, aircraft details are extraordinary, and everything tabbed together splendidly. The color scheme is also nicely done, as the entire body is white with blue stripes, orange painted missiles and under sides, and black nosecone and windshields. The propellers are not attached to a gear mechanism, so users must spin them manually.

The helicopter can store all of the given accessories. The foot/hand piece can be mounted underneath, while the gun can be stored on either side.

Robot Mode

Alpha Bravo is one of the slimmest members of all the Aerialbots and he is solidly built. Just about every joint rigged in this toy is conveniently snug enough to hold certain poses without collapsing.

The design also captured many aesthetics that ties in with the artwork. A few highlights include the head sculpt, which incorporates the look of a fighter pilot helmet, visor, and mouth shield. Another highlight is integrating the missiles, seen in the helicopter mode, into the forearms, as if they are active and functional in both modes.

The leg kibble on the side of Alpha Bravo’s legs may look ridiculous at first, but comparing that with the art work, which shows Alpha Bravo using the jet thrusters installed in his legs, shows some justification.

The molded colors and paint applications aren’t completely accurate, but they mostly reference the illustrations. The selection of flat silver molded plastic, glossy orange paint, and glossy light blue paint are perfect and accurate. The trade-off though, is the white molded pieces and the black molded shoulders and forearms, which doesn’t remain true to the source material, but they still work well.

Alpha Bravo has two weapons. One is a type of rifle with a sculpted bullet belt dangling from the side. The other is the foot/hand piece. This accessory is distinguished by the flat silver molded joint rigged in the opposable thumb and sculpted set of Gatling guns.

Leg Transformation

Alpha Bravo officially transforms into Superion’s left leg. Although the propellers seem to be a nuisance, they will stay in place and not dangle free.

Arm Transformation

Alpha Bravo was also designed to transform as an arm. The tight ball and hinge joins serve their purpose perfectly, as the arm can hold a pose for a very long time without drooping. The arm can also hold the gun that came with Alpha Bravo, but there might be a scaling issue for some. Officially, this toy needs to be in robot mode initially prior to the transformation.


Alpha Bravo's Height

Size Comparison


Alpha Bravo is a great toy. Both modes are fabulous and the limb is quite sturdy. As a standalone, Alpha Bravo carries his own weight and makes a great display piece. This figure is recommended!

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