Saturday, May 2, 2015

Transformers Combiner Wars Legends Class Groove Review

The third combiner to be released in Transformers Combiner Wars line is Defensor. One important piece that completes Defensor is Legends Class Groove. In combined mode, Groove becomes Defensor's chest piece.

Motorcycle Mode

Groove transforms into a small, yet wonderful white and black police motorcycle. The bike is also decorated with red stripes, gold windshield, and red Autobot symbol painted on a black police star. The look is brilliantly sporty when viewed at every angle. This motorcycle also has a sculpted kick stand on the left side and a speedometer behind the windshield.

Transforming this toy into a motorcycle is a tad tricky at first. The back wheel is designed to be split in half. When fitting the two halves together, make sure those tabs align with their matching slots at the same time.

Robot Mode

In robot mode, Groove doesn't quite look that appealing. The head chest and arm details of Groove are great, but there is a bit of an issue with his leg design. In some angles, his legs look long and thin. His ankles are also slender, rendering the entire formation looking similar to chicken legs.

This mode, however, is a major improvement compared to Groove's previous incarnations. Previous models of Groove were bulky and limited in articulation. This current version is slimmer, but has more posing capabilities as a trade-off.

Groove in Combined Mode

Groove transforms into Defensor's chest plate. In cases, like Menasor, chest pieces end up unnecessary in a combined mode. Legends Class Blackjack was a pain to deal with sometimes due to his inability to keep himself attached on Menasor. Groove, on the other hand, is said to be not bad at all and attaches himself much more securely on Defensor.


Groove's Height

Size Comparison


If you're a fan of Defensor, you don't want to skip this figure. Groove's updates are tremendous in motorcycle mode, but quite lackluster in robot mode. However, he looks quite good as Defensor's chest piece, which makes this toy even more compelling.

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