Sunday, August 18, 2013

X-Plus (USA) Godzilla 1964 (Mothra Vs Godzilla) Figure Review

Continuing the hype of S.H. MonsterArts Godzilla '64 to be released in July (August in America), I will review another Godzilla 1964 figure that was made by X-Plus (USA). X-Plus (Japan) are well known for their highly detailed kaiju figures with an accurate paint job. Let's see how their American branch did.

For this version of Godzilla, X-Plus (USA) took on the challenge to produce an appropriate sculpt of Godzilla '64 on their own. Upon viewing the final product, visibly, there are mostly positive aspects than there are negatives. Godzilla 1964 has a really cool pose in a natural sort of way. There is a foot placed forward, while Godzilla's head tilts forward and to the right, which replicates a 'still version' of how he would look while walking.

This monster also has some really nice detail complemented by the dark teal color brushed with some light blue-green paint. The texture of Godzilla's scales and fins are fantastic; so are the incredible paint applications on them; most notably the airbrushed white around the edges of Godzilla's fins. Even the toes have a wonderful gradient of white and brown.

The only problem with this toy is how the teeth were molded and painted. The teeth weren't sculpted to look sharp enough. Combine that with a heavy coat of white paint, makes Godzilla look like he's wearing a set of fake dentures. Besides that, everything else is wonderful. Godzilla is molded out of hard vinyl and could seriously inflict some pain if hurled at someone, so be careful kids!

Godzilla 1964 is a great addition to anyone's collection, especially for those who would like to find a toy that is completely different in design and quality. Also, please bear in mind that there are no articulated joints on this toy and if this figure was bought sealed in a blister pack, you will have to attach the tail manually with a blow dryer. I do recommend that no one pays over $40 for this (sealed and loose). The figure is rare but I do not see the high value of these toys, and these things aren't quite in high demand either.

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