Sunday, May 10, 2015

Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Voyager Class Cyclonus Review

Cyclonus is emerging from the third wave of Voyager Class toys from Transformers' Comber Wars line. Cyclonus is a retool of Silverbolt and is designed to have a combined mode of his own, called Galvatronus.

Jet Mode

Cyclonus' jet mode is incredible. The aircraft is quite larger than expected (roughly 8 1/4 inches long and 6 1/4 inches wide). This jet sports a plethora of panel lining, jet thrusters, superb crafted windows, and even a landing gear that folds down.

Fans are also able to detach Galvatronus' main weapon into two parts, then peg the long barreled gun underneath the nose cone to accomplish the look similar to Transformers: Battle tactics. This addition increases the jet's length to 10 inches.

The colors selected for this jet is also admirable. Cyclonus is predominantly purple with dark metallic purple painted panels on the side wings and base of the nose cone, silver paint on the center of the nose cone, and metallic gold painted windshields.

A quick tip when transforming Cyclonus into jet mode, be sure the tabs of his legs snap into the jet's body when folding the legs in. Otherwise, the wings cannot attach themselves securely when they fold down.

Robot Mode

Cyclonus is actually pretty cool in-hand. Using Transformers: Battle Tactics as the source material, Hasbro got many things right on this toy, like that menacing gaze, blocky frame, and sculpted body details. Of course, being a jet as a disguise means the robot is stuck with some kibble. The aircrafts’ wings and cockpit comprises the robot's back pack. However, the nose cone can sometimes get in the way of a person's hands when tinkering with Cyclonus' poseability.

The colors of Cyclonus also make a great reference to the video game. The robot is predominantly purple, with silver biceps, hands, thighs, knees, abdomen, and face. Unfortunately, about half of those areas were painted silver, while the others were left untouched.

Cyclonus' weapons are two different guns. One of them is a single barrel gun that is similar to the source material. Both pieces are molded out of silver plastic.


Following the purpose of previous Voyager Class toys, Cyclonus also becomes Galvatronus' torso and head. So far, the presentation is great and shows some great potential, but how this piece interacts with the other limbs remains to be seen.


Cyclonus' Height

Size Comparison


Cyclonus is a solid figure and is a great benefit for anyone who wanted a decent toy of this character. The jet mode is awesome, but the robot mode is even better. Although Galvatronus hasn't been fully assembled and tinkered with yet, Cyclonus is a great toy by himself.

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