Sunday, May 17, 2015

Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Galvatronus Review

A review for Superion is currently underway, but for now this article will focus on another combined mode called Galvatronus.


At first, the concept and look of Galvatronus seemed very confusing, as any robot that combines with others of opposite sides is ignorantly perceived as ridiculous. However, Hasbro's bio made some sense to why two Deluxe Class Autobots and Decepticons were randomly chosen. Apparently, Cyclonus used his mind control powers to capture and succumb the other characters to combine with him and form Galvatronus. The characters involved in this combination were Sky Dive, Air Raid, Dragstrip, and Breakdown.

That little back-story is interpreted in this toy form and the result is pretty neat. This combined mode is completely devoid of any color theme, especially the foot/arm pieces, but that's the perks of an unlikely and unwilling pairing of these robots. All of the colors are either contrasting or complementary, which surprisingly works very well here.

Unfortunately, there is one major flaw of the original grouping. Dragstrip, as a leg, is a longer limb than Breakdown. As a result, Galvatronus is way off balance, when standing straight up, and is likely to tumble. Dragstrip has to be readjusted to compensate the difference.

Fortunately, one generous viewer pointed out that Dragstrip's tailgate can be folded up to compensate the length and balancing issue. Dragstrip's instructions somehow forgot to mention that in the transformation process, so do not forget this important step. After flipping the tailgate up, the result was more than pleasing. Everything was perfectly leveled and the enjoyability with this original grouping was completely restored. Thank you Edward DiMaggio!

When Dragstrip isn’t preferred, Offroad or Brake-Neck can be another good option to consider. The body color of those vehicles match with Skydive monochromatically.

Galvatronus' main weapon is a silver molded gun that came with Cyclonus. Collectors wanting to pursue this theme even further can include Legends Class Viper in hand gun mode, as the bio explains that Viper also serves a purpose for Galvatronus.


Galvatronus' Height

Size Comparison


Overall, Galvatronus is a cool combined mode. He looks great and the range of articulation is very reasonable.  When using Dragstrip as a leg, remember to flip his tailgate up for better stability. If the original grouping isn’t satisfying enough, try other Deluxe Class toys that could be switched around until a personalized look is reached.

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  1. Drag Strip's tailgate piece actually folds up in his leg mode and allows Galvatronus to be stable.
    Besides that, great review!

    1. Thank you for the tip Edward! I had a feeling that something seemed off about Dragstrip, considering the instructions left the tail gate part out. Regardless, I will re-shoot the proper transformation and update this review as soon as possible.


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