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X-Plus Toho 30cm Series Yuji Sakai Modeling Collection: Godzilla (1991) Gidogoji Hokkaido Version Review

X-Plus has once again obtained exclusive rights to reissue one of Yuji Sakai's popular model kits into a limited mass produced figure. The second figure of the Yuji Sakai Modeling Collection line is based on the 1991 version of Godzilla from the movie Godzilla vs King Ghidorah. The figure featured in this review is the standard version and not the Shounen-Ric exclusive.

Godzilla 1991 (Gidogoji)

Reasons why X-Plus chose to go with this model for their next product feature is immediately understood! Yuji Sakai did a fantastic job of depicting Gidogoji exactly the way he looked in the movie, especially his menacing presence.

What immediately draws attention is Godzilla's sculpted head. Vinyl figures of Godzilla tend to be crafted with his mouth open in a roaring demeanor. However, this one is designed with his mouth closed, but that doesn't diminish Godzilla's horrible attitude at all. His bad temper is perfectly summarized in that angry stare, which looks great at every angle.

The figure also encapsulates Godzilla's suit accurateness to the movie. This figure includes the large pectoral muscles and proper fin alignment, while the lower half has thick thigh and calf muscles. On top of those impressive details, are the sculpted wrinkles on the waist, legs, and abdominal region that look like the skin is somewhat sagging and contouring during movement.

Perhaps the most unique feature of this figure is Godzilla's tail, which curls up and S-bends to the (our) left. Due to the tail's unique shape and weight, Godzilla is not able to stand on his own, unfortunately. To compensate for this issue, X-Plus has provided an arced grey plastic base that will support the load. Although this base was not pictured with the official prototype, the sudden change is much preferred than the previous pin shaped support.

X-Plus made sure that the paint applications were applied in areas that were critically needed. Godzilla's skin didn't need to be painted as the entire figure was made out of dark charcoal grey vinyl. The fins' edges are painted light grey, fingers and toes are a shade of gold that fades into dark grey, teeth are dark white, and eyes are brown.

Godzilla's Height

Although this figure is included in the 30 cm series, the actual product stands roughly 2 cm shorter than other X-Plus figures. However, the size isn't an issue at all.

Size Comparison


This figure is absolutely fantastic and was worth waiting for. The static pose is unique and effective, details are extraordinary, and paint job is as good as it gets. Although having Godzilla stand on his own is strongly preferred, the support base is just a minor nitpick and does not damper such a huge enjoyment from this figure. This is definitely one of the most finest Godzilla figures from X-Plus.

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