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K-Pop Thoughts: Invincible Youth Season 2 Cast Revealed! Girl's Generation (SNSD) and Secret's Newest Singles!

Greetings everyone, WimpLo is back! Sorry been out for a while, but I've finally gotten myself a display board to give you guys good quality toy reviews. However, let's do something new in this blogsite and talk about a couple things happening in the K-pop industry.

First off, if you haven't heard the news yet, KBS is releasing a second season of their beloved reality show Invincible Youth sometime later this year. For those of you who are not familiar with this program, I'll give you a short history of it: Invincible Youth is a variety show that debuted in October of 2009 and was hosted by veteran actor Noh Joo-hyun, comedian Kim Shin Young, and singer Kim Tae Woo. This show featured 7 female K-pop idols from 6 different groups, Sunny and Yuri of Girl's Generation, Narsha of Brown Eyed Girls, Hara of Kara, Sunhwa of Secret, Hyuna of 4Minute, and (my personal favorite) Hyomin of T-ara.

The girls were sent to a remote village where they experienced the outdoor life and the difficulties of farming. Although they found it extremely difficult at first, they eventually adapted to this new type of life and began to appreciate the things they have and bonded not only with each other, but with the villagers as well. Also, viewers had the pleasure of watching the celebrities outside of their stage life and seeing them as who they really are and their unique personalities. The show experienced a cast change when Yuri, Sunny, and Hyuna had to leave the show due to schedule conflicts and were replaced by Victoria of F(x), Kim Sori (solo dancer/singer), and Jooyeon of After School. The first season continued until its final episode in December of 2010.

Now, KBS has finally announced that they will be continuing this show with a second season! This time it will be held at a fishing village somewhere in the west coast of South Korea with a new cast. This time the MC's (hosts) are Lee Soo Geun, Boom, and Ji Hyun Woo. But of course, you all want to know who the girls will be, so here it is: Jiyoung of Kara, Amber of F(x), Bora of Sistar, Suzy of Miss A, Woori of Rainbow, Yewon of Jewelry, and making a return is Sunny of Girl's Generation and she is now bringing along her fellow bandmate, Hyoyeon! I am very looking forward to this new season and I hope it will be at least as successful as the first one (but I'll miss Hyomin!!!) To see the full story, follow this link

Alllllrrrrriiiiighhhhtttt you K-pop lovers! You've been waiting for it (maybe) and it's finally here! Girl's Generation's newest single: "The Boys" released in both Korean and English! The beautiful girls of SNSD again show off their sexy side like they did in "Run Devil Run" and "Wake Up."

Now for my honest opinion. For those of you who are easily offended and will not accept any criticisms of SNSD, DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER! First off, the visuals in the music video was fantastic! I love the effects and the cheoragraphy of the dance was appealing as always (very talented girls indeed. Although I did like the beat, the song itself I found to be kinda "slow". For some reason, it felt like there was something missing and it was like waiting for something to happen, and it never did. Of course, this is the fault of the songwriter and not the girls who displayed their talents with great enthusiasm and charisma (I hope I don't sound TOO biased lol) Definitely not the best song they ever released, but I still liked it and it's already given they will be extremely successful with it due to their already solid fanbase.

BUT! Who are we to forget that there was one other girl group who released their new single this week!? They are none other than Secret with "Love is Move"!
Making a bold move, the awesome girls of Secret decide to move away from the "all cuteness" they had with their past couple singles "Shy Boy" and "Starlight Moonlight" and display a little more mature and sexier side of them. The song still had a "retro style" just like their other songs, this time reminding me of a sorta "jazzy rock". OPINION TIME! I must say, I really enjoyed this song, it was very upbeat and I liked the energy and charisma the gorgeous girls displayed in the music video. I give them credit and major props for deciding to make their comeback the same week as Girl's Generation juggernaut. Most groups usually decide to debut weeks after to avoid being overlooked, but these girl's made a bold move and rightfully so.

Here are the two music videos for your enjoyment, you decide for yourself which one you like or dislike or which you like better (Nothing wrong with liking both!)

Honestly, even though by a slight margin, I did enjoy "Love is Move" more than "The Boys" *dodges items thrown by sones (SNSD fans)* It's just that it appealed to me more, but I did like them both.

Thank you for time, this is WimpLo of A&D's Corner! Now if you'll excuse me, I am preparing for my favorite Kpop group's newest single to debut. GO T-ARA!


WimpLo: You know, alot of sones have been getting cocky recently, like my counterpart, AT543 (Aaron of The Rave Corner) who thinks the "small" girl groups will be overshadowed by Girl's Generation. Well Secret has just shown that even a mouse can stand up to an elephant and it won't be any different when T-ara makes their comeback!

AT543: WimpLo, I have no problem with "small" girl groups. In fact, I do like rookie groups like Miss-A and Sistar. While I consider Secret as a cute "mouse," T-ara is a rat infected with rabies! Your problem is that you're distracted by Hyomin's pretty looks and don't realize that T-ara's songs have more repetition than Nicky Minaj!

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