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Transformers Combiner Wars Leader Class Megatron Review

One of the most anticipated figures of the Transformers Combiner Wars line is, without question, Megatron. The design is inspired by IDW comics version. Perhaps the main reason why this toy appeals to so many collectors is the figure's looks also reminisce of the classic G1 version in some aspects.

Tank Mode

The tank mode is really cool. All of the crafted armor makes Megatron look super tough and resilient. There are two turret guns mounted on the back and one huge cannon that rotates 360 degrees via ratchet joint.

The best part is the tank treads can roll, rather than having them stagnant with a set of smaller wheel sticking out of the bottom. One particular peeve about these treads is that they are not one complete assembly on either side. Each side comes with two separate tread formations, but this is only a tiny nitpick. The separation is clearly needed to make robot mode transformation possible.

The tank's barrel comes with a plastic red missile. There is a spring loaded mechanism inside the barrel, so pushing the red button, on top, will launch the missile forward.

Robot Mode

Megatron, in robot mode, is extraordinary! This figure has a ton of wonderful detail, from the crafted armor to the tank tread kibble that is nicely incorporated in Megatron's calves and backpack. The head sculpt is fantastic, as Hasbro captured the grim look on Megatron's face and helmet on his head. Megatron's eyes are rigged with red light piping, but both eyes will not light up brightly unless the light source is intensified.

Megatron's tank barrel also becomes his very own arm cannon. The good news is the spring loaded gimmick still works, but the weapon can sometimes prevent Megatron's elbow from bending fully, even when swayed to the side.

Hasbro decided to color their version of Megatron with the G1 toy inspired paint job. Most of Megatron's body is painted silver, but the inner pars of his arms, elbows, and (abdomen) panel lines are red.

Adding more fun to the mix, Hasbro designed the tank's two turret guns to combine into one larger gun for Megatron to use. They are a nifty and clever way to keep these extra weapons handy in robot mode.

Decepticon or Autobot? You Decide!

On the back of Megatron's trading card is a sticker sheet. If anyone prefers not to keep Megatron's design in stock, he or she can choose to either keep him as a Decepticon or convert him over as an Autobot, in reference to his turn in IDW comics.

The sticker sheet also includes a pair curly patterns that goes on Megatron's chest and a straight-lined pattern that goes on the cannon. The problem with the curly-patterned stickers is they are not transparent. Sticking them on Megatron will leave a lot of white gaps in between the loops and a thick outline around the edges.


The problem with Hasbro's promotional photos is how Megatron was posed. The toy looked stiff and it can be if both arms and legs were positioned perfectly straight. However, when posed properly, Megatron looks anything but a resemblance to Frankenstein's monster.

Megatron's Height

Size Comparison


Without question, Megatron deserves a spot in anyone's collection. There are a few flubs to work with, but these minor faults are easily overshadowed by the impressive attention to detail, poseability, and fun gimmick. If Hasbro's color choices are somewhat lacking, Takara's version is recommeded, as their version is said to be more cartoon accurate.

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