Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fave Rave: Great Muta Devil Deluxe Figure

For today's fave rave, I'd like to showcase something for pro-wrestling and Keiji Mutoh fans out there. This is the Great Muta Devil Deluxe Figure from CharaPro.

Around the later half of 2004, the Great Muta dawned IMO one of the coolest mask/concept ever. This devil character feuded against a fake Great Muta, who was portrayed by Johnny "the Bull" Stamboli.

What makes this figure a fave rave is CharaPro's spectacular portrayal of this character. The sculpt is definitely a work of art. Great Muta looks intimidating, there's sharp looking markings on his body, and the pants has a green/bloody red pattern from top to bottom. On the back of the card, there is a black and white picture of Great Muta with his profile.

If you're a fan of Great Muta or puroresu, you must own this figure too! High Spots sells this figure for around $30, but if you're patient, you can wait till someone puts one on sale through ebay for a cheaper price.

As a bonus, I posted a link below so you can see Great Muta (Demon Muta) vs GREAT MUTA (Johnny Stamboli):

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