Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fave Rave: jon3pnt0 Presents Prime Reviews

Hey guys this is Aaron introducing a new segment that I like to call, "Fave Rave." Today I want to talk about one of my fave raves on YouTube: jon3pnt0...er...I mean Optimus Primes' Prime Reviews!

Why is Prime Reviews my fave rave? For starters, let me ask you a question. Have you ever wondered how Optimus Prime would review Transformers toys? Professional voice actor Jon Bailey has a YouTube channel and one of his most popular video series is Prime Reviews. In this series, Optimus Prime gives his own two cents...er...I mean energon cubes as he reviews mostly Transformers toys and a few Marvel/DC Comic figures inside the Ark.

I personally love these videos because of Jon's creative and hilarious take on how Optimus Prime would react if he had to review a Decepticon toy, an Autobot, or more importantly himself. When you have the time, check it out and hopefully you'll enjoy them too!

To view Optimus Prime's latest Transformers figure review, please click the blue YouTube link below:

Do you agree with Optimus Prime's reviews? Leave a comment below to show what you think of these episodes!

Click on the red link below and Subscribe to jon3pnt0 on YouTube:  

If you prefer to watch Ravage review some Transformers figures, follow his channel on YouTube (red link):

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