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NECA 12" HTT Godzilla 2014 Review

I initially wasn't completely sold on this figure after seeing NECA's various promo images. However, as Godzilla's movie premiere was quickly approaching, my excitement nominally grew. As soon as NECA's eBay store listed their Godzilla figures up for sale for $18.99 without shipping, I quickly caved in to celebrate the big day. For those wondering what 12" HTT means, that small bit of information simply translates to 12 inches from Head To Tail. Godzilla is stated to be around 6 inches in height.

Assembly Instructions

Godzilla's rubber tail has been disconnected for the convenience of easy packaging. To attach Godzilla's tail to his body, heat the tail end with a blow dryer, then attach that end to the ball-joint.

Design & Details

Because this version of Godzilla is CG, the 3D rendering of this Kaiju provided by Legendary certainly aided NECA in devising this figure. Amidst Godzilla’s dark body color lays lots of details on this toy from head to tail.

To describe the new design concept of Legendary's Godzilla, is to think of a crocodile or a gator, with brontosaurus like legs and feet, layers of gills on his neck, and bear shaped proportions, especially the snout. Godzilla's fins don't stick out as much as Japan's incarnation, and they pose a resemblance to jagged pieces of rubble.

Godzilla is mostly casted out of thick, solid plastic, while his fins are made out of soft, flexible material, probably for safety reasons and cutting down costs. There are peg holes drilled into Godzilla’s feet. Currently, those holes serve no purpose, but many speculate that there could be a pegged stand in the future to support this figure.

Godzilla has a good head sculpt. The teeth are individually sculpted. Below the head is layers of gills spanning down the side of his neck and thick scaly type armor.

The main concern is the bendable wire rigged inside Godzilla's tail. Only a quarter of the tail is segmented, but everything else is bendable. There have been enough horror stories of other figures, whose flexible material broke, in the long run after normal use, and inevitably exposing the bendy wire inside. Hopefully, the same scenario won't happen here. On a positive note, Godzilla can pull off a sort of swimming pose.

Paint Job

Color wise, there really isn’t that much depth on this figure. He’s just a monotone of dark grey, where some parts have a matte finish, while others are glossy. Godzilla’s teeth are painted white, his claws are more blackish in color, and the eyes are gold with black pupils..


Godzilla does offer a fair amount of articulation, but is also hindered because of the sculpt. These limitations still didn't dock down the fun of expressing this toy in various ways. Godzilla is still able to do running, tail whipping, roaring, and swimming poses. With some imagination and time testing the poseability, Godzilla can recreate anyone's vision.

Figure Specs

Size Comparison


Anyone wanting an articulated Godzilla figure for an affordable price, will likely be pleased with this figure. For this price, the details don't disappoint, and the articulation, though limited, is fun to play around with. You can find these figures in Toys R Us, or go to NECA's eBay store and order from them directly. Also, if you haven't checked out Godzilla yet, I recommend you see this film.

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