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Dragon Ball Z: Goten Figure Review by Irwin Toys

Goten by Irwin Toys
Hello again and Happy New Year! I apologize for my absence, but I've been very occupied with things outside of running this site. However, A&D's Corner is going through some changes and we hope to bring new and great material for you all.

I didn't post anything anime related yet, so I'll start one today. I glanced at some figures from my collection and came across this guy: Dragon Ball Z Goten figure. This figure was purchased from a comic shop a long time ago and has stayed with me since.

The Character:  Goten has an extensive backgroud big enough to fill out a page. However, to summarize Goten's profile: he's the second of of Goku and his wife Chi-Chi. Goten's older brother is Gohan and both siblings are half human and half saiyan. Dragon Ball Z creator Akira Toriyama wanted to retire Goku from the series and continue the story with Goten, but changed  his mind when fans disapproved that idea. Goten's appearance is very similar to his father Goku considering the messy, shaggy hair style and playful face. He made his debut after the Cell Games Saga at age 7.

The Figure:  This toy was manufactured by "Irwin Toys." Irwin Toys' figure line reminds me of Bandai's Dragon Ball Z toys from the 90's because both versions looks similar in design. I wouldn't be surprised if Irwin Toys obtained their rights to redistribute Bandai's designs to the American market. This version is a reissue because the original design had the sleeveless (orange) shirt as a snap on accessory. The one I have has Goten's shirt molded on his body.

Goten wears a gi similar to Goku's, but without the kame symbol, and a blue long sleeve shirt underneath it. His height is around 3 1/2 inches. For those who love to glance at the branding on these figures: there's a copyright date stamped on the back of Goten that's dated '1989' along with these initials, "B.S./S,T.A." Details wise, this toy looks pretty accurate because the creator (probably from Bandai) perfectly captured most of Goten's anime (appearance) traits. Goten has that serious glare like he want's to kick some butt, however I think his left arm is positioned a little awkwardly.

The left arm is slightly raised up and enlarged like he transferred his energy in one spot to throw a punch or something, but that pose just looks a little unnatural. Does Goten secretly conceal an arm cast underneath his sleeves? I find that flaw a bother, but only when all of my focus is on that one arm. Another strange detail on Goten is his pecs, which is positioned a little too far below the shoulders. The paint job looks okay, but there are a few runs of color on Goten's belt and sleeves.

There are a few paint rubs due to my mishandling too. The upper part Goten's long sleeve undershirt is missing too. The collar is not visible, revealing Goten's chest with a hint of blue (shirt) close to his belly button. The original figure did not have this problem. Overall, the upper torso is a little sloppy, but that does not take away from the figure's entire appeal.

Articulation:  Goten's arms can go up and down, but not all the way because his hair is in the way. Goten's head can rotate all the way, but there's no movement in the waist. In total, there are only 3 points of articulation, which is strange considering the original packaging did mention "Poseable Articule."

Final Thoughts:  Irwin Toys did produce some mistakes on this figure that are an eyesore and difficult to ignore such as Goten's half-exposed pecs and awkward left arm. With that said, I can't say this figure is terrible overall. From what I see, Goten's left arm and torso were the only parts that were modified. Everything else was still original and Irwin Toys aesthetically made up for the non-applealing altered parts. The toy is vintage and he is reminiscent of Bandai's original imported Dragon Ball Z figures. If you can find a Goten figure on ebay that was made from Bandai or Irwin Toys and has the snap on shirt as an accesory, then go for it. However, if you think this version is fine too, then look him up (he should be cheaper).  All Dragon Ball Z collectors should have Goten (both versions) added to their collection.

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