Sunday, September 1, 2013

Marmit Gorosaurus Pre-Painted Build Up Model Review

After reviewing Marmit's Anguirus 1968 model, I became an immediate fan of their built-up model kits. No matter how long or short I'd have to wait, Gorosaurus was the next monster on my wanted list. Well, life is full of surprises, because the opportunity to own this fabulous peace knocked on my door earlier than expected.

As a proper forewarning, Marmit's Gorosaurus model kit will likely blow your minds away! This collectible item encapsulated almost everything right anyone can and would expect in a Gorosaurus toy (model) that isn't super posable like S.H. MonsterArts figures. One out of the many finest points of this model, is how this replica displays Gorosaurus' natural slouch that can be further enhanced by bending his legs forward. Other great points added to this thing are the perfect levels of details and a balanced combination of colors.

The scales, or bumps, that cover this dinosaur couldn't have been better; those overlapping armor or muscle tissue across Gorosaurus' back and tail are spot on. Upon glancing at the front of Gorosaurus, there is an ample amount of wrinkles and flaps on the torso and calves that are commonly seen on the body suit.

The most favorable detail is Gorosaurus' head. Those eyes are superbly painted cream with black pupils and outlines, while those teeth are individually sculpted and colored beige, which is much appropriate. The entire body is painted in a bluish green color with some shades of grey. The claws and toes are painted cream, while a light grayish streak can be seen from the neck to the tip of the tail underneath.

Marmit's Gorosaurs is pleasing to my eyes in every aspect and I have nothing to complain about. The model has a natural pose and sports a wonderful paint job. Although this model is limited in articulation, Gorosaurus doesn't feel bland considering the monster's limited range in the movie to begin with. I encourage any fan of Gorosaurus or Marmit's model kits to consider adding this item to his or her collection as well.

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