Friday, January 20, 2012

Fave Rave: Culture Japan Season 2 Episode 1

Hello! This is Aaron again and today I'd like to introduce another fave rave: "Culture Japan."

Our host, Danny Choo, introduces Japanese culture (especially anime) to different parts of the world through his popular blog: and TV show, "Culture Japan." Danny is very popular among anime fans and he might be one of your favorite bloggers/TV hosts as well.

I personally enjoy his show because I feel like I'm watching "Doko Ga Shiritai" or some other documentary that relates more to teens or young adults alike. In other words, it's a hip version of "Doko Ga Shiritai." To all of my readers from Hawaii, you know what I'm talking about. This program definitely inspires me to travel places farther than Honolulu and Las Vegas. I'd love to vacation in Japan and South Korea one day.

If you have Mnet in America (check your local listings for information) and are interested in Japanese/Pop culture, I'd recommend you to watch season 1 of "Culture Japan" every Tuesdays (times and dates may change depending on the station). Season 2 should debut in Mnet America early this month, but the official date has not been announced yet. The good news though is Danny did post Episode 1 of Season 2 on his youtube account. Episode 1 follows Danny as he goes to the places in Japan that were devastated by the earthquake and tsunami this year.

Season 2 Episode 1 can be viewed here:

I also recommend checking out for extra photos taken during Danny's previous episodes!

Do you like this show too? Leave a comment below to show how much Culture Japan is you fave rave!

Source:  photo provided by WimpLo via  Facebook

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