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My Top 5 K-Pop Songs for Summer '12

As the summer season ends, I can't help but reflect on some great songs that brightened my Summer. Even though I worked this whole season, these songs helped me enjoy whatever free time there was left. Which is why, I'd like to share my top 5 K-Pop songs for this year's Summer season, but in no particular order. Before I begin, I want to point out that my appreciation for K-Pop only extends to how far a song makes me feel. In most cases, I enjoy anything that makes me want to dance, snap my fingers, sing along (at least the words I know), or bob my head. I support everything related to the genre and do not align myself with any fandoms to vocally or publicly express my strong dislike for any group. Please, no fan wars here. With that out the way, here's my top 5 tracks this year:

SISTAR - "Loving U"

Choreography and cute yet sexy wardrobe aside, "Loving U" has a catchy upbeat Hip-Hop/RnB-ish flavor to it, which frankly makes me smile on a bright sunny day. A lot of my favortism comes from the fact that SISTAR filmed this MV in Hawaii, or should I specifically say the island of "Oahu." Seriously, why does everyone overseas immediately think about Oahu in relation to the state of Hawaii, instead of oh let's say Maui? I'm aware Oahu is the only place that has an international airport, I just wish the group could've at least stopped by Maui and increase my chances of seeing them. Oh well, dream time over. But seriously, listening to the track alone really influences you to get out of your house and do something fun. Seeing SISTAR play at the beach then go on other adventures in their MV on top of that, gives you an even bigger reason to have fun also. Wait a minute....the title has love in it, yet we see no sign or story of that theme incorporated into the MV? Screw it, bring out the beach ball!

2NE1 - "I Love You"

"I Love You" is far different from other perky moods you can get from any conventional Summer song. Regardless, this track definitely grips you on a different level. Every time I listen to this song, my thoughts come up with a girl, who is in love with someone, but for whatever reason cannot be with that guy at the moment, or never. Maybe a one sided love? The song and emotions expressed in their MV made me appreciate such a different approach that separated themselves from other generic pop singers. This song to me, doesn't seem like something that were specifically made just for clubs or radios that lasts for a few months. I can for the most part, feel the emotions amongst the lyrics and still bob 2NE1's official glow stick to this song.

LEDApple - "Yeah"

There are times when a song's beat is enough to meet your appeal. LEDApple's latest comeback album (Run To You) debuted this past Summer. After sampling their album online, I ended up liking a song that wasn't promoted on stage called, "Yeah." The song is about a guy, who just so happens to be some girl's close (best) friend. After some turn of events, that guy falls deep in love and suddenly wants the relationship to run deeper. From my personal experience, asking a girl out is one of the most nerve racking experiences ever. All of your preparation is spent into that one yes or no question, whose answer could either make your day bright and shiny or extremely gloomy. Whoops...sorry for going of topic. Anyway, for an alternative rock group, I really dig their style of music. I found quality in their beats and vocals that were big enough for me to snap my fingers and bob my head every time this song was on, or repeated.

A-JAX - "Hot Game"

Following their release of "One 4 U," A-JAX introduced another song for the Summer called, "Hot Game." The song talks about a simple scenario of that one girl you're obsessed with, but is playing hard to get. "Hot Game" has a great Hip-Hop style and their choreography is pretty cool too. Another incentive for you guys out there to check out this MV, is Kara's Nicole making a sweet cameo.

"Hot Game" is another song that I must take with me on the road, and there's nothing sweeter than to hear this beat on road trips. A-JAX has provided a perfect theme song, which I would instantly recommend to anyone, who enjoys a fresh Hip-Hop beat!

PSY - "Gangnam Style"

Oh yes! What cannot be said about "Gangnam Style" that hasn't been said yet. The beat is great, Psy's goofy choreography is catchy, and there were a lot of great celebrity cameos in the MV. What I like about Psy is that his style is vastly different from other K-Pop singers and yet he somehow brings out this huge amount of amped up energy inside me. "Gangnam Style" makes feel more engergetic than his previous song, "Right Now," which to me means a lot. For folks, who don't know, Gangnam is considered as the Beverly Hills of South Korea. According to Psy, his song is about the folks in Gangnam, who are quite noble during the day, but get crazy at night. I wonder how much tourists visit Gangnam now just to film or picture themselves doing the horse riding dance on the streets? Never the less, since Gangnam Style is currently one of the hottest songs to go viral, who knows how long this hype will last? One thing is for sure though, I'm pretty sure I'll never grow tired of this song even after the general public grows tired of it.

Those were my five most favorite songs for the Summer season, and if you haven't already I recommend you to look up these songs or music videos on YouTube. Whether you agree or disagree with my preference, that's fine with me. What matters the most is your preference found your own set of theme music to make your long break much memorable. Now I ask you, what were your favorite K-Pop hits this past Summer?

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