Friday, January 13, 2012

Marmit Vinyl Para Babies: Mothra (Larva, Showa) Figure Review

Marmit Parababy Mothra (Showa)
I should've been more active lately, but I caught the cold which halted my progress completely. To make it up for those who enjoy my figure reviews, I'd like to bring forth something unique on this site: Mothra (Larva, Showa) from Marmit's Vinyl Para Babies figure line!

Profile:  At first glance, I'm certain that this version is based on Mothra's debut in Toho's Mothra in 1961. In that movie the "twin fairies" that summon Mothra are abducted by henchman. Then, Mothra (Larva) shows up in Tokyo to save the fairies, but causes destruction along the way. Mothra's powers in her larval stage is mostly the same as today: web attack and an ability to form a cocoon for evolution.

The Figure:  Marmit has perfectly portrayed Mothra in this figure, despite the fact that she looks slightly cartoonish. This minor cartoony look, however, is one of the main points that make Marmit so appealing. Mothra is colored in brown, reddish vinyl with silver highlights, and a nice touch of gold from head to tail. In addition to the body color, Mothra's eyes are yellow, the mouth is black, and the tips next to her mouth are white. Aside from the paint job, Mothra's sculpt is amazing! I like how every muscle layer of her body looks uneven in level. This detail alone gives me a small illusion that Mothra is crawling on her own. Mothra also has these bumps on the lower side of her front and middle section. There are a set of 6 legs in the front followed by external bristles and other feelers that run to Mothra's tail.

Figure Specs:
  • Height:  2 and 1/2 inches (from top of the head)
  • Length:  8 inches (from mouth to tail)

Accessories:  Mothra comes with a reddish, brown replica of the Tokyo Tower, which stands around 5 inches. The size ratio is not accurate with Mothra, but you can sort of re-enact a pose of her about to climb the tower.

Articulation:  There are 2 points of articulation in this figure. Both joints rotate 360 degrees.

Size Comparison:  Mothra is around the same length as Bandai's Godzilla '64 figure.

The scale may be a bit off, but I like the way these two creatures look together.

Too bad I do not have a pair of larva twins to match with Godzilla, but I think this version of Mothra is a great settlement.

Final Thoughts:  If there is a collector who is looking for his/her very first toy from Marmit, I think this piece is a nice start. If you already collect figures from Marmit, but do not own Mothra yet, I'd recommend this piece also. Not only does Mothra look neat, she is very sturdy and all of the joints are stiff, which doesn't take away the pleasure of this toy. I cannot recommend this toy to those who are looking for something with play value. These figures come in limited numbers and are considered vintage items.

What do you think of this figure? You are welcomed to leave a comment below in the comment box. All comments are open to the public.

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