Thursday, February 13, 2014

X-Plus Mothra (Rodan 1962 25 cm Ric Boy) Review

I briefly wrote about an unknown Mothra (larva) model, which has been in my collection for a while now. This time, I want to cover this figure that was manufactured by X-Plus. Mothra was included with Rodan 1962 (25 cm) as a Ric Boy Exclusive. Although Mothra and Rodan are sold together, this figure was listed up for sale loose and a standalone.

Design & Details

X-Plus continues to maintain their high standards of sculpting figures containing solid details. Mothra has setae along the edges of each body segment, bumpy texture, and a pair of four legs underneath. The body also has some creases and wrinkles embedded, while the head has those common indents, wrinkles, antenna, and mandibles.

Mothra is crafted in a unique pose, much similar to the scene of Ghidorah, The Three Headed Monster, where Mothra was perched on a hill, ready to attack. The head is raised and glancing to the right, while the near middle segments of the body arcs. The result makes this figure look a lot more animated, than some standard, neutral pose.

Paint Job

Mothra has a very simple, yet effective paint job. The body is painted in a monochrome blend of brown and red eyes, which certainly complements one another.

Figure Specs

Size Comparison

X-Plus Mothra is a tad longer than the unknown model from my collection. Of course X-Plus' version is far better in terms of detail.

This figure doesn't quite scale well with USA's X-Plus Godzilla 1964 figure also.

Mothra does pose quite well with CCP's Mothra vs. Godzilla figure, even though the scale is a tad off.


Mothra larva really packs a punch for it's size. If you prefer the entire package of Rodan and Mothra altogether, you won't be disappointed. Otherwise, Mothra as a standalone, much like this case, is also recommended, as long as you don't pay too much for it. A $20-$25 price tag on this figure seems reasonable.


  1. I think the "unknown Mothra" is actually a CCP larva. It came with a cocoon and rock base. I have the set and the sculpt looks about the same, but my larva has blue eyes.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! The Mothra figure I have is similar to CCP's version, but mines has no markings that could easily tell me what manufacturer made them. Does the CCP version have any trademark or manufacturing markings underneath?


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