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Bandai: Large Scale Godzilla 1991 Figure Review

#1 is by far my most favorite Kaiju figure made: Bandai's 1991 Large Scale Godzilla figure!

Bandai: Large Scale Godzilla '91
Bandai made some large scale figures since 1984. Some of the monsters made before were: Godzilla '64 (reissued twice), King Ghidorah (Showa), and Mothra Larva '61. Godzilla 1991 version was the 6th large scale figure to be made from Bandai. Honestly, I never thought that I would own one of these figures because they're pricey and figuring out where to put him was tough. In fact, large scale figures had a short run because Japanese homes are usually smaller than ours, and finding some extra space to display them may not be so easy. After losing an online auction for this toy (with a low starting bid), I was determined to own one someday. After some careful planning and luck, I finally bought another one and was thrilled to see this toy in person!

The Monster:  This version of Godzilla is based on the one from, "Godzilla vs King Ghidorah." All of his origins and abilities are explained in one of my previous reviews:

The Figure:  First of all, I should point out that this toy is a reissue. There are some differences between an original and a reissue. There are a lot of information to note, which is why I provided this summary chart: I also recommend clicking >here< for more information.

Godzilla '91 stands over 14 inches and is around 22 inches long! Notice how this figure stands upright just like his 8 inch version. The detail is just amazing! Godzilla's body is dark charcoal gray with silver highlights on the fingers, toes, fins, and tail. The rough exterior of Godzilla's skin has been carefully and symmetrically carved to perfection. My favorite part on this toy aside from the fins, is Godzilla's head. He was made to look very scary, menacing, and evil. There are a lot things to point out what makes this toy cool, but I'm speechless at the same time. I would however, like to talk about the drawback to this figure. The only problem with this toy is the fins on the back of Godzilla's neck does not align with the fins on his back. The part where Godzilla's neck meets his shoulders clearly shows the misalignment. If you try to fix it here's what happens:

Godzilla looks straight ahead when the fins aren't aligned.
Godzilla looks slightly to the left when the fins are aligned.
I'm not quite sure what went wrong during the manufacturing process, but this error does bother collectors a little.

Size Comparison:  Here comes the fun part: how does a Large Scale Godzilla '91 figure compare with the other guys? Godzilla absolutely dwarfs Kiryu. You're not so tough now huh Kiryu?! I'd like to see you use the Ultra Zero Cannon on this guy! Godzilla is also more than double the size of his Korean version.

Final Thoughts:  There's a saying, "Bigger is better!" In this case, Large Scale Godzilla '91 does outshine my entire collection. The look, size, and colors will leave you jaw dropped. If you have the money and extra space, go ahead and purchase this guy. The good news about these reissues is that this line was able to reduce the market price by about 40%. There are some sellers that charge more for the original because they think the original is superior. However, the reissue did manage to fix the noticeable gap in the back of Godzilla's neck, so I'm not sure what their standards are. I do know that because of the reissued line, prices for this toy should be around the same if you decided to buy an original or not. Either way, both versions are worth collecting.

This wraps up Kaiju Month! I would like to thank all of my viewers who have looked at all of my articles or a few of them during this special event. My hope is to present some Japanese pop culture to you through my figure collection and hopefully inspire you to collect some of these cool toys too. I'm not sure if I will do this again next year. This doesn't mean that I refuse to write any Godzilla/Kaiju figure reviews anymore; there are still some great toys to rave about later. Since my collection keeps growing, the top 10 favorite spots that were given this past month can (already have) change.

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  1. OMG that thing's HUGE!!!

  2. I'd like to show a comparison between Mecha-King Ghidorah and this Godzilla, but they cannot fit the photo booth together lol.

  3. Wow, he's a beast! It's always refreshing to hear fellow Godzilla fans finally get the figure they've always wanted, and your story is no exception.

    However, I say with great smugness and satisfaction, albeit in a friendly and joking manner, that my Jakks Pacific Godzilla 2014 figure dwarfs your bad boy. Actually, he dwarfs just about every Godzilla figure created, with the exception of the Super Premium Godzilla 94 figure. I sincerely hope that you too one day own that beast, and I look forward to your eventual review of it.

    1. You got me there Joesiph. I’m glad to hear you enjoy your Jakks Godzilla 2014 figure. He’s definitely one heck of an attention grabber and conversation piece among guests. Is he one of your all-time favorite Godzilla toy?

      I was tempted to buy one when they were in stock in a Kmart and TRU store near my area months ago. I didn’t then because I was clearing my shelves for the eventual arrival of X-Plus Gigantic Burning Godzilla figure, and I assumed that they would have plenty of them in stock for a while. So I chose to wait. Well, they were wiped out after Christmas, and I haven’t seen any restocked since. D’oh!

      Thanks for dropping by buddy!

    2. Yeah, he's definitely the centerpiece of my little collection, and there's no room for him, lol.


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