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Transformers R.O.T.F. Voyager Class Bludgeon Figure Review

Saibaa Nichiyoobi is back and this time I'm reviewing my very first Transformers toy from the voyager class. Thanks to ebay, I introduce to you: Bludgeon from R.O.T.F. figure line!

The character, Bludgeon, immediately blew me away because he combines two things that are cool to me: a robot and a samurai. Bludgeon's original Pretender toy was fantastic, so Takara-Tomy/Hasbro invested a lot of time and resources to recreate this character (at least the Pretender shell) as a transforming figure.

Alt Mode:  Bludgeon's alternate mode is based from a type 90 tank, which was designed and built in Japan.

An alien robot (a samurai) that disguises himself as a model Japanese tank...HOW COOL IS THAT?! The color of this tank is mostly green with some hints of orange, black, and light gray. The missile launchers are stationed, so they can't move at all. However, the turret and gun on top of that can rotate 360 degrees.

The details of this alternate mode looks great. You can see deep engravings on the body that pose as metal plates with some bolts and other heavy metal, industrial parts fastened together. There is a black Decepticon symbol on both sides of the tank. Bludgeon's treads are mostly made of rubber, but the middle set is hard plastic.

Alt Mode Specs:
  • Length:  8 inches (tip of the turret to the back)
  • Width:  3 inches
  • Height:  3 inches
  • Wheels:  4 beneath the tank treads

Transformation:  For your pleasure, I put together a set of instructions. Click on the image to view this in high resolution. Transforming Bludgeon's legs and feet are a lot easier to do when you rotate the turret to it's side.

Robot Mode:  Bludgeon's robot mode is inspired by his G1 Pretender shell.

His colors are mostly green with two shades of orange, black, burgundy, and light gray. Bludgeon is complete with heavy tank armor with layered arm and leg guards. The armored chest plate also adds a unique touch to this figure. The turret, when opened, becomes a backpack that reveals a hidden sheath for Bludgeon's tanto. You may choose to close the hatch, but the instructions say the backpack should remain open when Bludgeon is in battle mode.

This Decepticon also comes with a katana that is stored in the turret. Aside from these awesome details, there are four issues I have about this toy. First, is Bludgeon's head. I understand the creator wanted to modify Bludgeon's original skull faced feature into something more modern, but there seems to be something lacking. He just doesn't look quite menacing. Second, I find Bludgeon's feet a little strange to have a set of three toes (two in the front and one in the back) per foot. Third, the dangling tank treads can sometimes get in the way when you're trying to move his arms or feet. Finally, the katana and tanto cannot fit in Bludgeon's hands without some excessive force. The weapons simply fit in too tight and is susceptible to dents/marks left by Bludgeon's hand.

Robot Mode Specs:
  • Height:  8 inches (feet to sheath)
  • Width:  5 inches (shoulder to shoulder)
  • Accessories:  Katana and tanto
  • Shoulders rotate up and down, but not all the way because of Bludgeon's backpack.
  • Arms rotate up and down sideways, rotate at the lower bicep, and bend at the double jointed elbow.
  • Wrists bend inward due to transformation.
  • Legs bend forward, backwards, and sideways at the hip.
  • Knees can bend.
  • Ankles bend on two different joints.
Size Comparison:  I don't have a lot of Transformers toys, so I decided to photograph my Deluxe class Thundercracker with Voyager class Bludgeon.

These two Decepticons photograph quite well with each other.
Final Thoughts:  To summarize, my opinion: I do have a few problems with this figure. There are some modifications that could've been re-engineered to transform and look more aesthetically pleasing. Furthermore, the handles of Bludgeon's katana and tanto should've been re-sized to fit in his hands a lot easier. With that said, I still think this figure is cool overall. I love the concept of combining Bludgeon's original alt mode with his pretender shell in one transformable toy. There a lot of other great details to admire and I like Bludgeon's amount of poseability. If you want one too, you can get one around $20 - $30 on ebay or amazon.

On the next edition of Saibaa Nichiyobi, I will review an upgrade kit from Head Robots for this figure. Look out for Blood the Dark Warrior!

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