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Kabaya: Super Ginrai (Powermaster Optimus Prime) Review

This is another continuation of Saibaa Nichiyoobi. For this post, I want to talk about my favorite toy out of this 3rd wave of Transformers figures: Super Ginrai also known as Powermaster Optimus Prime here in the United States.

Kabaya: Super Ginrai (Powermaster Optimus Prime)

Super Ginrai is the 2nd figure in the 3rd wave of Kabaya's Transformers line of Candy toys. The box art for this figure is always a pleasure to look at, especially if you like to read colorful Japanese writing on toy boxes or cardboard backings.

Just like Starscream, Super Ginrai comes in pieces that you must snap together and a piece of gum.

Remember to put the stickers on all of the pieces separately before you assemble the toy.

Alt Mode:  This is one of my favorite features. Super Ginrai is 5 inches long and about 2 inches tall.

Just like the comic book, Super Ginrai comes with his very own trailer armed with 2 laser rifles and 2 twin particle beam cannons. Simply insert those accessories in the holes and that's it!

The wheels don't roll because everything was molded from plastic. These toys are meant to be smaller and inexpensive for their consumers. However, the fact that Kabaya managed to engineer something very similar to Ginrai's larger figure counterparts in a smaller scale is sheer genius. The stickers also provide a slicker look. I love seeing the Autobots symbol on both sides of the trailer.

Transformation:  There is another reason why Super Ginrai is my favorite from this series. The robot actually can transform very similar to his previous depictions into his super mode! Most of Ginrai's parts transform, except when you insert the cab into the body, but that's how the previous figures worked as well. I researched online and thanks to, I found out that you can turn the trailer into a battle station slightly similar to the comic book and other toys!

This extra feature wasn't meant to be created, but with a little creativity, you can have this other option. Even though he doesn't belong there, I've used G1 Optimus for a size comparison.

With that out of the way: on to the transformation!

Robot Mode:  Ginrai stands approximately 3 and 3/4 inches tall, but that's okay. Even though he's a little short, and least Ginrai is heavily armed.

I did have a few problems with the robot mode. First, getting the face sticker on was a little tricky because the head support gets in the way of your fingertips. Second, transforming to robot mode damaged the stickers on the side of the truck after scraping the inner sides of the upper torso, so be very careful with that step. My third problem was getting the fists to snap on the wrists during assembly. Getting the wrists in required a fair amount of strength, but my fingers were already worn out after snapping Starscream together. However, I managed to do it and my pleasure was seeing the result of this progress. Despite the difficulties, Super Ginrai captured an accurate look and there weren't any drastic shortcuts to the design.

Articulation:  The arms rotate vertically, the wrists bends both ways, and the legs rotate sideways.

Size Comparison:  Super Ginrai stands a little shorter than Starscream and G1 Optimus. Like I said, at least he's heavily armed!

In alternate mode, Ginrai is longer than Optimus, but slightly shorter than Starscream.

Final Thoughts:  I personally recommend anyone to buy this guy. Kabaya's Ginrai may seem like just a cheap toy, but you have a good amount of options to include with something so small. Whether you choose to have Ginrai in alternate mode, battle station mode, or super mode; all 3 versions are always fun to switch and stare. I think Kabaya has personally outdone themselves this time and if you are interested in purchasing something smaller and inexpensive, you won't be disappointed!

Saibaa Nichiyoobi Special continues with GOD BOMBER (APEX BOMBER)!

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  1. I love your pictures :]! HAha thanks for transforming it and showing us how ~ *thumbs up*


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