Sunday, November 20, 2011

Kabaya: Starscream Review

Howdy-do! This is a special edition of Saibaa Nichiyoobi. Today I plan to cover Kabaya's 3rd wave of transformers candy toys. The first toy to examine is an alien robot that is considered the dangerous of all the seekers. The self-proclaimed "pride of the Cybertron War Academy" and Decepticon Air Commander: Starscream!

I bought Starscream and two additional Transformers characters in a box set from Big Bad Toy Store. This was the first time I shopped there and am very pleased with their services. I recommend anyone to shop there for Transformers, Godzilla, Gundam, and other popular toys. Just click on the "Big Bad Toy Store" name above. Starscream is designed to be a candy toy sold in stores just like G1 Optimus Prime. Provided below are pictures of what the box looks like:

Open the box and you'll see all of the plastic pieces molded together in addition to a piece of gum. The gum is delicious, but loses flavor within 5 minutes.

These toys are sold as assembler kits and the real fun is putting them together, then feel sad when the assembling process is over. Break the individual pieces that are numbered, add as many stickers you can before piecing the toy together (it's easier that way trust me), assemble the parts according to the instructions, and you're set. Commander Starscream reporting for duty!

Alt Mode:  Starscreams' alternate mode is a metallic grey, red and blue F-15 Eagle fighter jet.

Unfortunately the missiles are snapped on so they don't project at all. Overall design is pretty accurate and the stickers adds a great touch to the detail. There are no wheels on the bottom, so Starscream can't roll like his other figure variants. I can tell that Kabaya put a lot more effort in this toy because the overall look and features are far more advanced than their 1st wave where G1 Optimus is from.

Transformation um not really:  Here's where the main complaint is. Starscream has to be taken apart and put together again more than actually transforming. There are only 2 sets that hinge, but that's it.

Silence Starscream! Any way, here's the instructions:

Robot Mode:  In robot mode, Starscream looks just as good in his alternate mode.

I am really impressed by how the different colored parts and stickers brought this character to life! Words cannot describe how unique Starscream looks through this version. My gripes about this toy other than the partsformation is: the cockpit in the back can pop off easily. Starscream also has a slight disability to stand up on it's own. He is sometimes likely to tip backwards.

Articulation:  The arms can go up and down, the elbows bend, legs can go out sideways, and the knees can bend due to transformation.

Size Comparison:  Starscream is around the same height as Optimus Prime thanks to his bulky shoulders.

However, he is longer than OP in alt mode......I can't believe I just said that. Add another notch to Starscreams ego!

Final Thoughts:  There are some negatives as much as positives. Starscream does look good for a 4 inch figure, but the lack of transformation poses a problem for consumers who enjoy those processes. My recommendation is a coin toss here. If you love assembly model kits and transformers this toy could be perfect for you. However, if you don't like the tediousness of partsforming Starscream between alternate and robot mode, this toy is not for you. The good news though is Starscream makes a good display piece in either mode. Just make sure that he leans on something if you display him in robot mode. You wouldn't want any broken pieces!

Later on today, I will write about a figure based on one of the most popular transformers character in history, SUPER GINRAI (POWERMASTER OPTIMUS)!

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