Friday, November 18, 2011

Charapro: Great Muta (Cyber Muta) Figure Review

Charapro Great Muta (Cyber Muta) Figure
 Great Muta (alter-ego of Keiji Mutoh) is one of my favorite professional wrestlers today, so to make a review about one of his figures today seems fitting. I bought this version of Muta from ebay. Honestly, finding loose Japanese figures on sale these days is really tough. You are likely to find at least one unpackaged figure every month. I paid more attention to loose figures lately because I like to look at them from different angles and display them on a shelf.

This version of the Great Muta is called "Cyber Muta" (I read it somewhere) because this concept was used in 8/28/99 as we got closer to Y2K. That night Great Muta faced Great Nita (Atsushi Onita) in a "No Rope, Barbed Wire, Double Hell Deathmatch." To my knowledge, that was the first and only time Keiji Mutoh wrestled in the Cyber Muta attire. He still wrestled as Muta later, just not in this look. 

The Figure:  Honestly, Cyber Muta is not one of my favorite concepts. However, I was blown away by this figure. There is something about this toy that makes him awesome, and I think most of that appeal comes from Muta's head gear. The reason why I didn't like Cyber Muta's head gear, from my first impression, is because I'm used to the ninja veils that he used often, so obviously this new look was a huge change. The head gear looks like a cross between the predator or some other alien creature mixed with the back part of Shredder's helmet. This toy is not complete without the headgear. There are so many details to list here, but to name a few: there's a perfectly sewn net that drapes over Muta's jacket, the football shoulder pads have a set of bones on one side and a serpent on the other, and there's "MUTA 2000" written on his pants and the back of the jacket. Another cool feature is the head gear is removable; revealing Muta's cool silver and black face paint.

There are only two drawbacks to this toy. First, the net seems dirty from the previous owner's care. I've seen other pictures of Cyber Muta online and those figures had nets that were more grayish in color. The fabric on my figure seems to be discolored. Another problem is this strange adhesive residue on the bottom of Muta's shoes, which wasn't mentioned in the seller's ad. If I tried to clean the stain, there could be further damages.

That's the risks you face when you buy loose toys online. However, these defects do not ruin Muta's overall appeal.

  Muta's left arm can go up and down, but not all the way because of his shoulder pads. His waist can rotate as well.

Size Comparison:  Great Muta is in scale with Kokushi Muso, but not with Randy Savage.

Let's just enjoy the photo of the Great Muta and Kokushi Muso together.

Final Thoughts:  If you're a fan of Great Muta, buying a toy like this shouldn't be a hard decision to make. Cyber Muta is definitely unique and he would make a fine addition to your collection. If you choose to display him, I personally recommend Muta to stand with his head gear on.

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