Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tralalalala lalala lalala lalalalalaaaa! "I will never die!" - Singed

AsianHK here, bringing you the inside dish on what goes on in my crazy head of mine. ^_^v So by popular demand, I decided to do another article based on the online game League of Legends. My last article I covered the OP DPS, Graves the Outlaw. But I thought, "Enh, small kine not fair for me to do an article on a champion that I don't really use or know inside out." So I asked a few friends and I kept hearing the same thing: "Singed so OP!" So, I hope I can give u folks a full insight on my personal main champion in gameplay: Singed, The Mad Chemist.

and btw, if you read my last article about Graves: I CALLED THE NERF! XD

Singed came from a long line of chemists from Zaun and found a place as a young apprentice under the infamous alchemist, Warwick. The two worked many years together and were innovators in their field, especially during the Noxian and Ionian wars. After his master succumbed to lycanthropy, Singed took over his work and became his own innovator. Well after peace was resolved between the two countries, Singed left to join the Institute of War at the League. His past work obviously took a toll on his mind as well as his body. It was well known that if he could not find willing subject to test his new concoctions on, he'd use himself as a subject. He's always seen walking around wrapped with bandages, covering his burns and scars from his own masterpieces. But it's this conditioned body and mad ingenious that makes him a formidable opponent and such a terrible force to be reckoned with in the League.

Singed is a fighter melee character that has average health and attack, strong spell power, and a medium difficulty to play. His passive ability is "Empowered Bulwark", which increases Singed's health by 25 for every 100 mana he has. His Q ability is "Poison Trail". Once activated, Singed leaves a poison trail behind him, slowly damaging all enemies that are caught in it over a period of time. The poison can be turned on and off by toggling the Q key. Singed's W ability is "Mega Adhesive", which creates a pool of acid that slows down all minions and champions that walk through it or are caught in it over a short period of time. His E ability, and my personal favorite, is "Fling". When used, Singed throws targeted minion or champion over behind him while dealing damage. Singed's ultimate is "Insanity Potion". Once activated all of Singed stats, including his health and mana regeneration rate, become significantly increased over a period of time. Once "Insanity Potion" wears off, his battle stats go back to what they were.

I've mained Singed as a champion since I started playing last spring and I'm sure my fellow players and I can agree that Singed, when played right, does NOT have average health. His passive lets him gain lots of health if his mana is increased. At his level 18 cap I've had Singed well over 4000 health, which is around the health in tank characters. Singed is a good wall once his main items are purchased. After that, buying mana increase or health increase items make him almost impossible to kill one on one. He's effective as a support in team fights because of his Q and W abilities. His Poison Trail does constant damage, especially if the rest of the team is caught in it constantly in team fights. Around that time the rest of your team can swarm and gank the rest after their health has gone down, using Mega Adhesive to slow the few stragglers that attempt to get out alive. And if Mega Adhesive doesn't slow them enough, Fling will be enough to send those poor souls back to the hungry wolves that are your teammates. When Insanity Potion is popped, you become an even more intimidating, fast, and irritating tank. Fast enough to run past fleeing opponents so they get caught in poison? Check. Fast enough to catch up and use Fling so they get caught in poison? Check. Defense and Magic Resistance increased enough that their damage is minimal? Check. Health increased stupidly enough so you won't die? Hell yeah, that's a check.

"Come into the purple stuff...it's good for you..."

When I start a game I usually buy boots plus two health pots and a mana pot. This usually gives me a little speed in the beginning to farm minions and the potions regenerate some health and mana if I get harassed. After farming, I immediately start to get Rod of Ages for the constant mana increase as my levels rise. The AP [ability power] increase and health increase is also a plus with this item. Once RoA is obtained I then finish my boots with Sorcerer's Shoes for the magic penetration plus. I then try to obtain Force of Nature and Sunfire Cape next. Force of Nature gives me a nice rate of health regeneration, increase in movement speed, and a good amount of magic resistance while Sunfire Cape gives me an okay amount of armor, lots of health, and a passive magic damage to any nearby enemies. I get both of these items in game play, but the order of these two purchased items depends if the enemy team is damage or AP heavy. After those items, the last two again depend on the enemy team.

If the opposing team is damage heavy, I buy Thornmail and Guardian Angel. Thornmail gives lots of defense plus does additional magic damage to opponents. Guardian angel gives my character a good amount of defense and magic resist and also gives me the chance to revive myself after my character loses all his health. With this wall build I can run around doing so much damage while not losing that much health.

If the opposing team is ability power and CC [crowd control] heavy, then the last items I buy are Banshee's Veil and Rylai's Crystal Scepter. Banshee's gives a great amount of health, mana, good amount of magic resist and passively negates one ability cast on your character every 45 seconds. Rylai's gives me a great amount of health, considerable amount of AP, and passively slows enemies hit by my own abilities. This build allows me to do even more damage with my poison and fling and able to run around freely without worrying too much about slows and stuns. Also, with Rylai's Poison Trail automatically slows minions and champions that are caught in it. It's a more aggressive build and meant to help your team other than just being a wall.

So this article was a little longer and informative than I thought it would be...X3....But I hope I did my main character some justice with this entry! As an AP fighter/tank, of course I'm gonna give him a 10/10!!! XD He has enough harass and farming ability to turn into one of the most irritating tanks in the game. As far as his weaknesses go, anything CC and Madred's Bloodrazers. >< I know my build and game play styles may be different from others who play him, but this formula has always worked for me in the past. If you have other ways of building him, feel free to put in your own input! If you play League of Legends and wish me to put up another article of a champ, my summoner name is SmallKineAzn. Or if you're part of the LoL Team Hawaii Group you can always catch me in there. So until next time, Jaa ne and keep gaming my friends. -----> goes off to go do some drunken LoL after that article...


  1. "Singed so OP!"

    WTF is Banshee Veil

  2. It's just another item. It gives health, mana, magic resistance, and it negates 1 ability used against you every 45 seconds, just like he said. I perfer to use Force of Nature instead, even though it doesn't really give good mp/hp. It does, however, give good magic resistance and it boosts your hp regen by a % of your total hp, which is very powerful on Singed.


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