Sunday, November 20, 2011

Kabaya: God Ginrai (Apex Armor) Review

As an added bonus to Saibaa Nichiyoobi, I want to reserve a separate post for a toy based on the combination of two forces who are determined to protect all life forms in this universe. Well actually, one wants to protect all life forms, while the other just does what he is told. I present to you: God Ginrai, also known as Apex Armor in the U.S.A.

Transformation to God Ginrai (Apex Armor):  The best feature to this figure is his ability to combine with Super Ginrai to form God Ginrai. Assuming that you already have Super Ginrai transformed in robot mode, proceed with the following instructions.

Robot Mode:  God Ginrai stands about 4 and 1/2 inches.

Kabaya: God Ginrai (Apex Armor)
The combination really captures the trademarked look perfectly for it's size.

My only gripe with this mode is God Ginrai's cannon falls off too easily, because the hole and peg is short. You'll have a pretty hard time keeping the cannon mounted. But still, that's just one little problem compared to all of the benefits.

Articulation: the arms can go up and down (easily knocking the cannon off it's hole in the process), the elbows bend and the legs can bend outwards at the upper thigh.

Size Comparison:  God Ginrai is 1/2 and inch taller than Starscream and G1 Optimus.

Final Thoughts:  Honestly, I could argue that Super Ginrai would not be complete without God Bomber, which is true. However, I have more fun playing with Super Ginrai alone. The problem with God Bomber is that you'd have to break him apart then piece him together again for anyone of the 3 options, which sometimes can be tedious and boring. I have to give credit to Kabaya anyway because where these toys lacks makes up for it by having a great display on your shelf. My point is, if you want to complete your collection for this 3rd wave go ahead and buy God Bomber too. The series of toys can be a pleasure to own if you can accept the shortcomings.

This concludes my review for the Kabaya's 3rd wave of Transformers candy toys. Thank you once again for viewing another edition of Saibaa Nichiyoobi!

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