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Transformers Universe: (Legends) G2 Megatron Review

Greetings! Today, I'm starting a new, short-run segment called....

I'm taking a break from Godzilla figures to review Transformers toys. Since this genre is barely new to me, I hope to do a pretty decent job.

For my very first Transformers figure review, I'd like to start off with this little guy: Transformers Universe G2 Megatron from Hasbro.

Transformers Universe: (Legends) G2 Megatron
Growing up as a kid, I did not watch enough of G1 Transformers because I had to go to school whenever the cartoon show was on, but I do remember the toy commercials. However, thanks to my friends especially WimpLo, I was reintroduced to this genre 3 years ago and eventually appreciated the series and toys at the same time. Even though Godzilla and other monsters will always be favored, I wouldn't mind having a small collection of Transformers toys myself.

One of my first Transformers toys was this: G2 Megatron. I bought this guy from a collector's expo; the size and price was perfect for me.

Alternate Mode: Just like the comic, G2 Megatron transforms into a M1 Abrams tank.

I always wondered why Megatron wore green and purple camouflage colors. I don't know what background could blend with those colors. The treads do not move, instead we have wheels on the bottom. Megatron does roll nicely though. One of the most common complaints is that the middle part of Megatron's tank treads are missing. Due to the size of the toy and ability to transform, engineering the missing parts (from the tank treads) might've been impossible to pull off. Another downside to this toy is the cannon does not rotate. However, this design looks cool for something this small.

Transformation: Since I cannot show you how to transform Megatron through a video, I decided to show some directions made by myself. Hopefully the directions are easy to follow (read the instructions clockwise)....

Robot Mode: Megatron stands a little over 3 inches thanks to his shoulders. The details look good for his size, and the look on Megatron's face seems fairly accurate. If there's one funny thing about this figure is Megatron's arms. His arms are barely longer than his enlarged pecs. In fact the cannon extends longer than the arms. Megatron's cannon is more likely to poke an autobot in the eye first as he throws a punch.

To the creator's credit, they perfectly captured Megatron in his classic G2 mode. I prefer the looks of classic G1/G2 Transformers than Michael Bay's slimmer, humanoid incarnations.

Articulation: Despite the small size of Megatron, there are some great points of articulation. The arms will rotate up and down 360 degrees; the head rotates to his right slightly because of the transformation; legs bend up and down sideways, front, and back; the knees bend, but the ankles do not pivot. Megatron has the option to stand up right or do some kind of pose of your choice. You can also bring out the captain in him!

Size Comparison: Unfortunately, G2 Megatron is my very first Transformers toy, so I can't compare him to anything at the moment. However, I can make him pose with a paper craft model of G1 Ravage. Even though Ravage is owned by Soundwave, these two characters does look good posing together.

Final Thoughts: If you're looking for a toy that is affordable and small because you do not have enough shelf space, G2 Megatron is the perfect figure for you. Not only does the alternate mode roll, but the robot mode can be played with or posed to your liking. Of course the size does limit to what a normal Transformer can do, but Megatron offers a lot more options than a statue.

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