Sunday, November 6, 2011

Wonder Girls' Second Album: "Wonder World" Review

Wow! That's all I can say. Wonder Girls (under JYP) introduced themselves to U.S.A. by becoming the opening act in the Jonas Brothers World Tour 2009 for 49 concert dates. Perhaps the most popular song by the Wonder Girls was "Nobody," which utilized a retro Doo-wop concept mixed with a hint of modern electro. In October 2009, WG managed to enter Billboard's Hot 100, making them the first Korean band to enter the chart proving you don't need TV or radio exposure to be heard. Thanks to the internet, K-Pop bands have an easier time to reach to us foreigners and we thank them for acknowledging us!

Today, November 6, 2011 (November 7, 2011 in South Korea): the Wonder Girls released their latest album, "Wonder World," with their title track, "Be My Baby." I gotta say that this song is awesome! The beat feels like you're getting a warm feeling from something coming from the 80's. This song definitely cheers you up and gives you enough energy to strut and/or do the Carlton on your way to work or school! Other than the cover track, there is a great variety of styles to offer in this album. You have something retro, techno, hip-hop, R&B, rock, pop, and even acoustic incorporated in this bento box of music genres, so take your pick! Even Ye-Eun admitted that the cultural exchanges inside the U.S. allowed them to utilize those styles in this album. "Wonder World" also has 11 other tracks, which makes the total count to be 12 separate songs in 1 album!

Edit: I'm sorry I forgot to include the track list before. Amidst my own excitement, I didn't provide what's important to this album. You can also listen to every song provided in the list below by clicking this link to Here's the track list:

01. G.N.O. / Girls’ Night Out (composed by Ye Eun)
02. Be My Baby
03. Girls Girls
04. Me, in
05. Sweet Dreams
06. Stop!
07. Dear. Boy
08.  두고두고
09. SuperB
10. Act Cool (ft. San E)
11. Be My Baby (Ra.D Mix)
12. Nu Shoes

Final Thoughts: Wonder Girls came back with a bang! These girls are definitely a hit and will continue to make an impact in the future. I doubt these girls will never be forgotten. Please support WG by downloading the entire album through iTunes or buy the album online or from your local K-Pop music store! Overall, I give "Wonder World" TWO THUMBS UP!

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