Thursday, November 6, 2014

World of Nintendo Waluigi Figure Review

Wario looked pretty lonely on his own, so to make up for the void, I bought a Waluigi figure to go with him. Although everything seemed fine at a glance, an unimaginable setback turned my excitement down a couple of notches.


Just like Wario, Jakks Pacific created a perfect Waluigi figure with wonderful attention to detail. His slim, tall build is spot on, and so is Waluigi's intense, evil glare with clenched teeth. Waluigi literally looks angry all the time, which effectively mimics his personality.

The articulated arms surprisingly bring out a few varied poses to go with that angry face. By rotating both arms up to the forehead, Waluigi looks like he's having a slight headache. Bringing the arms down, converts Waluigi into an angry boxing mode. Finally, rotating the arms past Waluigi's waist, makes him look like he's stomping his foot down in anger. Besides those swiveling arms, Waluigi can also rotate his head slightly.

Waluigi isn't spared from his share of paint issues though. The dark purple paint of his pants are on his shoes. There are also a few scuffs and noticeable black dot on Waluigi's face.

The biggest problem with this toy was Waluigi's inability to stand on his own. Because of the direction his feet were facing, wide stance, and ankle tilt, this figure always fell forward.

Fortunately, this issue was corrected by heating Waluigi's legs with a blow dryer. Then, pulling the feet in slightly to shorten the stance, while keeping them evenly planted (with my hands) on a flat surface, until the material cools down and holds it's shape. Although Waluigi is still prone to tipping forward by external forces, the minor adjustments drastically improved his stability.


Size Comparison

Waluigi is pretty darn close to being in an accurace scale, as he stands alongside Wario. Although Waluigi is taller, he still seems a bit smaller than than he should be.


I was initially disappointed, but a few adjustments restored my enjoyability of this figure. I like Waluigi's design, unique expressions, and paint applications. However, the fact that he initially couldn't stand well on his own was cumbersome. Fortunately, a blow dryer and some manual adjustments can fix the problem. If you keep your figures in the package, Waluigi is a must in your collection. However, those who plan to take this toy out of the package, will probably have to slightly tweak Waluigi's stance.

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