Wednesday, November 5, 2014

World of Nintendo Wario Figure Review

One of the most popular villains/anti-heros of Super Mario is up next for a review! While shopping in Walgreens, I found this Wario figure in the toy section. I normally pass on most video game inspired toys, but this one was definitely interesting, and the cheap price tag made that moment even more compelling.


A video game character will likely come with 3D blueprints for toy companies to use when making specialty figures. Assuming that this toy is no exception, Jakks Pacific selected a really unique pose that rings true to Wario's personality.

Wario has that maniacal laugh with his hands and arms open, expressing much satisfaction in whatever event unfolded in front of him. The details on this figure are spot on for something this small in scale.

Wario does have a few sloppy paint applications on his body though. There's a small streak of excess yellow paint on Wario's shoulder blade, and an air bubble on the other side. This figure also suffered from a few paint rubs on the hands and (right) ear, while staying inside the plastic bubble.

The articulation is very bare on this figure because Wario was created to keep that single pose. Regardless, this minor issue is no big deal, since these toys weren't made to be super-articulated anyway. Be careful when rotating Wario's arms for the first time though, as doing so caused a tiny scuff mark around his right arm.


Size Comparison

Wario is the first figure in my collection of the Super Mario game, so I don't have Mario or other Nintendo toys to compare him with.

However, from what is available for size comparison, Wario is about half an inch taller than a plastic green solder. He is also shorter than a Legends Class G1 Megatron.


For the price, this figure is really cool to have! My only issue is the paint which was already prone to a few little nips when Wario remained sealed in his plastic bubble. However, the sculpt is fantastic and he doesn't take much room on the shelf. I recommend this figure for fans of this genre.

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