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Bandai HG Mothra (2004) Review

Closing the Mini Kaiju Spotlight is one of the most popular opponents of Godzilla. Portrayed as a god of Infant Island, guardian, or messenger of Mother Earth, Mothra is a household name next to Godzilla. The figure reviewed here is based on Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S., and was included in Bandai's Godzilla High Grade 10 set.


Right off the bat, this figure immediately shows the quality craftsmanship invested in this toy's creation. There are so many things right about his toy and almost nothing to complain about.

Mothra has a nice furry texture on her head, body, and abdomen. That same texture is also on the base of her wings, but they transition into longer, horizontal line patterns filled with wing membrane in between. Underneath Mothra's abdomen, is another type of skin texture. One that reminisce of a leaf, where all curvy veins meet at the mid-rib (stem).

A bizzare detail, though, is Mothra's legs. They look very clumpy, but in actuality, each leg is sculpted to look like one limb folded over three times, similar to a z shape. Yet, the sculpting is not initially obvious, until they are seen up close.

Mothra's body is molded out of solid plastic, but her wings were comprised of thinner, flexible material. These choices ensured that the wings will be immune to snapping in the future.

Mothra's entire body is molded out of white plastic. The red orange paint covering most of Mothra's body also runs on the outer edges and base of her wings, as well as producing horizontal stripes around the abdomen. The distinct pattern on those wings are colored in traditional yellow, black and orange paint. Mothra's eyes are blue, her mouth is black, and those legs and underside are coated in glossy brown.

Flight Stand

Bandai included a clear flight stand that requires minor assembly. The arm of this stand has spherical tips on both ends, sort of like ball joints, that allow Mothra's angle, during flight, to be somewhat adjustable.

Wing Span

Size Comparison

Mothra was posed next to two different Millennium era Godzilla figures. Bandai's HG Godzilla 2004 actually scales quite nicely with Mothra.


Fans of Mothra will likely find no fault with this toy whatsoever, unless a toy collector doesn't favor small figures in general. Mothra has a great sculpt and an impressive paint job that even exceeded my expectations. This toy is highly recommended.

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What Kaiju figure will be reviewed next?

I just placed an order for NECA's Godzilla 1985 figure Tuesday night. I already got a tracking number Wednesday morning, so hopefully the figure will show up before the end of next week. As such, this figure will be the next Kaiju toy review, which will be posted as soon as possible.

In case you're wondering, where I got my figure from, Godzilla 1985 was bought from NECA's eBay store. The clickable link to their listing is provided right below this sentence.

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