Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Bandai HG Anguirus (1968) Review

Number three on the Mini Kaiju Spotlight is one of, if not the most trusted ally of Godzilla. Being said as one of the strongest dinosaurs from the prehistoric era and his strong dislike in "war-like predators." His never say die attitude is one of the many reasons why fans like him. Without any further ado, let's review Anguirus!


This version is based on the Destroy All Monsters movie, a theme commonly used on Showa based Anguirus toys. As such, he is depicted in his crawling mode. In addition, the head was specifically sculpted to put that somewhat distinct angry snare on Anguirus face.

While the body does contain a good amount of spikes, those tips had to be dulled down, likely for sizing and safety reasons. The only issue is this figure's rather slim proportions, especially those arms and legs. Anguirus needs a little more bulk on him.

Anguirus' entire body is molded out of dark greyish plastic. The only painted areas are on Anguirus' eyes, teeth, horns, spikes, and feet. Overall, Anguirus looked a little bare, but the amount of paint applied are actually quite subtle.


Size Comparison

Anguirus sizes quite well with HG Godzilla 1974. Once Godzilla's right arm is swapped for an alternate version that shows a patch of Mechagodzilla's armor, you got yourself a nice comparison.


In general, Anguirus is an okay figure. The details are pretty cool, and I'm all for Anguirus maintaining his crawling position. However, his slim figure and lack of paint applications made this toy fall short from being a perfect entry among other collectors.

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