Thursday, November 27, 2014

Bandai HG Destoroyah (1995) Review

The figure to be featured on day 4 of Mini Kaiju Spotlight is a prehistoric monster that was awakened and mutated by the Oxygen Destroyer. Through multiple evolution phases, the final form of this creature was duplicated in a small scale figure. I present to you Destoroyah!


Bandai created one of my most favorite variants of this Kaiju. This little toy somehow captured the powerful, menacing feel that Destoroyah had in the movie.

The bulky figure and wing proportions are pretty darn close to accuracy. Destoroyah's body texture, layered patterns, thorns, and horns are perfect, but what's even more impressive is that sculpted head. The eyes and teeth are very difficult sculpt and requires spot on precision, yet this figure shows little to no error.

The colors and paint combinations selected for Destoroyah, however, leaves a little to be desired. Destoroyah is molded out of maroon plastic, those eyes are bright red orange, his horn are painted dark yellow, and the chest is coated with lighter yellow paint.

As a minor nitpick, the white paint job are poorly inconsistent. The white teeth and tusk are painted perfectly, but those claws and toes show reveal some maroonish blotches, like some weird weathering effect. They look awkward, but they're not that distracting.


Size Comparison

Destoroyah was placed besides two different Godzilla figures. One, is SHMA Godzilla 1995 and the other is Bandai HG Godzilla 1974. If Destoroyah's comparison with HG Godzilla 1974 proves anything, is that he would also be a tad shorter than a HG Godzilla 1995 figure.


I must repeat myself, this is one of my most favorite (toy) variations of Destoroyah! I'm still amazed at how this figure looks in person. There are some awkward (white) paint applications to put up with, but they are not a big deal. I still highly recommend this figure.

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