Wednesday, December 14, 2016

S.H. MonsterArts Shin Gojira (Godzilla 2016) Review

Following a lot of positive feedback for the movie “Shin Gojira” (“Shin Godzilla” in USA) S.H. MonsterArts has added a new figure in this year’s lineup. The newest addition to S.H. MonsterArts series is Shin Gojira (Godzilla 2016).

Shin Gojira

Tamashii Nations have done a good job in detailing the figure. Shin Gojira is complete with blistering, layered, and wrinkly skin in various spots, exposed muscles, fins, and skeletal matter at the tip of Godzilla’s tail. Godzilla’s face sculpt has bumpy skin and eyes with no lids. The rows of teeth though are a bit shorter than what was seen on screen and they certainly become apparent when Godzilla’s mouth is closed only. The drawback to having short rows of teeth is the transparent display of the arches of Godzilla’s top and lower jaw. A longer set of teeth would’ve looked a bit more accurate while concealing the arches much better.

The choice of colors for this figure certainly reminisces of the movie, but there are also a few other color choices that made the details pop more. Most of Godzilla’s body is charcoal grey with hints of red applied on his neck, shoulders, chest, mouth, gums, hips, spines, base of his spines, and tip of his tail. A few more coats of red paint applied on his chest, back fins, and top portions of his tail would’ve been preferred. The tip of Godzilla’s tail is mostly dark ivory. The same color was used for Godzilla’s fingers, toes, and teeth. Godzilla’s eyes are white with black pupils.

There are no loose joints inside Godzilla. The tail is one of the heftiest parts of this figure and feels like it has been reinforced with tighter joints to cope with the added weight of the material. The bicep joint in Godzilla’s arms are certainly the tightest. There isn’t much movement to get out of that joint besides a few swiveling and rotational movements so forcing it to rotate much more may not be such a good idea.


Shin Gojira's Height

Size Comparison


Shin Godzilla is great for the most part, but falls a bit short of only a few aspects, all of whom comes from scattering paint inconsistencies and one particular detail. The figure lacks some extra shades of red paint in areas where it could count such as the chest, fin, and tail region. The details in Godzilla’s head are a bit off as well due to how his teeth were created. On the other hand, the figure does have some great aspects too. The details in everything other than Godzilla’s mouth sculpt are great, his articulation is very simple and fun to fiddle with, and the sturdy joints help Godzilla hold a lot of various poses. Overall, the figure may not be perfect, but the lasting impression is certainly way above average.

Extra Photos

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  1. While I have an extreme dislike for the tip of his tail, I love the colour scheme of the figure. It's probably my favorite out of SHMA's Godzilla figures, because the colour's so appealing and nice. But, again, except for the tail. Hate it in the film too, lol.

    I wonder, is he difficult to stand and pose, thanks to how his feet are sculpted? The other SHMA Godzilla figures all have the traditional foot sculpts, but Shin Godzilla tip-toes when he walks.

    1. Thankfully, the feet don’t really hinder Godzilla’s poseability. I’ve done some poses of Godzilla stepping forward and the range of his ankles allowed both of his feet to be planted evenly on the surface. The ball joint though is quite stiff when trying to move the ankle around at first, but got much better after a couple gradual movements.

    2. Nice. That's definitely good. It'd be terrible if he couldn't stand on his own. Now we just need to wait and see how NECA's compares to this one. Hopefully their paint job is just as good.

      Unfortunately, it looks like NECA's also has small teeth.

    3. I look forward to seeing NECA's second painted prototype. It looks like Godzilla's tail will probably have some movable joints inside and no bendy wire. I really hope that's the case.


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