Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Bandai HG Hedorah (1971) Review

Number two on Mini Kaiju Spotlight is another monster from the Showa era. Spawned from areas unknown, this creature settled on planet Earth feeding on nothing but pollutants. The continuous consumption of toxins caused some strange organisms to merge into the massive Kaiju, known as Hedorah! This mini figure is from Godzilla Chronicle High Grade Real Figure Set 3.


Bandai has done a spectacular job on this toy! The head, body texture, droopy skin, limbs, and tail is perfect. The fixed pose Bandai picked for Hedorah also complements his natural state. Hedorah's head glances slightly in one direction with his left arm extended, one foot planted forward, and tail curved also to the left.

Hedorah's color scheme does not include a touch of silver, but the actual choices seems very appropriate. The entire body is grey with some shades of green, brown, and black outlines filling every crack and crevice. Hedorah's eyes are red with black pupils and yellow irises.

One problem received in the long run, though, is some of the plastic material that composes Hedorah's body became sticky over a couple of years. What caused the plastic to react that way is a mystery. Perhaps the hot, humid Hawaii weather were the cause, but Hedorah certainly wasn't exposed to direct sunlight.


Size Comparison

Unfortunately, a HG Godzilla 1971 figure was never created. The closest figure to compare Hedorah with is Godzilla 1974. Here, Godzilla and Hedorah stand around the same height. Keep in mind, Godzilla (1971) was a little on the shorter side.

Hedorah was also compared to Ebirah. The sizing is pretty neat, considering Hedorah and Ebirah didn't were never in the same movie together during the Showa era.


There really isn't much to complain about this figure. The sculpt, color choices, and pose goes hand and hand. However, be careful with where you store this figure, because the material may be prone to have a chemical breakdown sooner than expected.

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