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Charapro Great Muta (Darth Vader) DX ver. Figure Review

Besides being a great character, Great Muta is also known for wearing some of the coolest entrance and ring gear in pro-wrestling history. I think what made the Great Muta unique, since his re-introduction in 2002, was his various themes that were sometimes inspired by different movie characters. In 2005 The Great Muta dawned a new theme inspired by Darth Vader and another character, which I will talk about later, from the Star Wars movie series.  Eventually, Character Product released a DX (Deluxe) figure to replicate Great Muta's entrance gear. So, let's take a closer look at Great Muta (Darth Vader) DX ver. Figure....jeez that's a mouthful.

The Figure:  Character Product chose a different approach this time by having Great Muta kneel in the way he normally poses in his corner of the ring. All of the other Great Muta figures made before and after this version usually stands up. He is made out of solid PVC, which very sturdy. The detail is superb and the creators seemed to incorporate everything, down to even the littlest things on Muta's costume.

He has this cool vein like designs in various colors. The jacket has veins that are red, silver, and white, whereas Muta's pants has only silver veins.

There is also some cool words in Japanese and English printed on three separate pieces. The most notable print is, "FANTASY OF MUTA," written on the jacket and pants. The only downside to this figure is that the playability is not there, because Muta is stuck in that one pose.

Accessories:  Great Muta would never be complete without his head gear. This time around, his ninja hood is inspired by Darth Vader's helmet, which is why this portrayal of Muta is referred as the Darth Vader version. The helmet is more like a dark metallic gray with some red and black details. Another cool feature is that Muta's helmet is removable, and lifting the headpiece reveals his mask inspired by Darth Maul.

What's that? A fusion between Darth Vader and Darth Maul? I could see some Star Wars fans raising an issue about this, but to the creator's credit, this concept works quite well for me. A mask inspired by Darth Maul is a good idea, considering the original character's notorious tendencies. However, when someone must think of a ninja-like head gear to go with the look, using Darth Vader's helmet as an influence seemed like the most reasonable route to go.

Figure Specs:


Size Comparison:  For this comparison, I chose to pair Muta with his former self from the late 90's: Cyber Muta. I think if the more modern version of Muta were to stand, he should still be in scale with his previous self.

Final Thoughts:  Hands down, this version of Muta will make a great display piece on your shelf or desk. This is the only figure that kneels so far, and since Charapro hasn't made any figures of Muta since 2006, you should consider buying this version someday. As a reminder, Great Muta isn't complete without his helmet and I'd kindly advise collectors to not buy this figure, if that accessory is missing.

Come back next time, when I review a figure created after the Darth Maul version. Until then, take care!

Update:  Great Muta (Darth Maul ver.) figure review has been posted! Click the link below to read the review:


  1. WOW! this figure is pretty cool, I used to watch him when he was in the NWA (later became WCW) and he would fight Ric Flair and spray the green mist. when he was in the NWA he put on some of the best matches in their history.

  2. I've seen his matches in the NWA as well. When I see those matches, I just can't get myself to dislike the guy because he's just too awesome! The Great Muta still wrestles to this day, but on only special matches. His style just never grew stale on me.


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