Sunday, June 17, 2012

Bandai: Gigan 2005 Power-Up Figure Review

After much time and patience, I've been able to snag up this guy for a pretty good deal.  This figure seems to be one of the best things coming out of the Godzilla: Final Wars line. Depending on which era you prefer, the Millennium Gigan's overall impression may be a hit or miss. For some fans like myself, I appreciate both the Showa and Millennium version. Without any further ado, let's move on with the review.

The Figure:  Wow! That is all I can say. Bandai has definitely, in my opinion, designed the best version of this Gigan so far. The amount of details are difficult to describe because there are so many good ones to point out, so I'll go over some of the best features. The figure is made out of soft, black vinyl with silver and metallic blue highlights. The eyes, gem, and parts of the back fins are colored red. The sculpt looks like there are multiple layers of metal parts held together with bolts or other fasteners. One of my favorite parts on this figure is the metal neck brace.

The neck brace supported Gigan's restored head after it has been blown off by Godzilla during their first altercation in Godzilla Final Wars. Gigan's facial upgrade sports an revamped mandible and horn that have serrated edges. I think the best feature of this toy is Gigan's massive chainsaw hands. These hands are very heavy and durable.

To be fair, I do have few, but minor complaints of this figure. This toy feels a bit squishy, literally. I mean the body is soft and seems a bit fragile at times. However, the toy still holds together very well, which I find interesting. This is sort of a complaint, but not really unless the figure actually breaks. I read a review from another collector online, and his Gigan figure was vulnerable enough to do the splits with no hope of standing up anymore. Also, because the chainsaw hands are pretty heavy, you have to make sure Gigan's stance is well balanced, otherwise he will fall on his face.

Figure Specs:


Size Comparison:  Unfortunately, I don't have Bandai's standard GFW Godzilla to compare Gigan with. I do have my Theater Edition Kiryu though. Gigan is taller.

Final Thoughts:  Overall, Gigan is aesthetically pleasing and definitely a toy worth collecting, if you're willing to pay the price. The price for this figure may keep some of you away from him. This toy with it's tag attached can cost from $75 - $100. However, a loose Gigan may be worth $65 - $75.


  1. I'd like to see a shot of ALL of your figures in one big picture!

    1. Yes that would be cool. My collection is still growing, so if I wanted to take a picture of all the figures, I'd have to split them up into groups. My studio isn't big enough to fit all figures in one frame. Still, a cool idea!


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