Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bandai Ultimate Monsters 4: Dino-Tank Figure Review

If I have not said this enough during my very first figure review (Bandai's Dino-Tank Figure Review), I think dinosaurs and tanks are cool! Furthermore, when you combine the two concepts together by creating a dinosaur armed with a tank to replace it's legs, you got yourself a unique bio-weapon to unleash on the world. Dino-Tank is the very first monster I liked from the Ultraman franchise. The concept is very wacky, but this Kaiju has proven to be formidable threat, if Dino-Tank did not blow up.

The Figure:  Dino-Tank was released for the 4th edition of Bandai's Ultimate Monsters line (Ultraman). He was one out eight characters to choose from. The box art was the same, so each figure was chosen at random. Dino-Tank, when taken out of the box, was sealed in a plastic bag, but in pieces so there were minor assembly required. The good news is these toys are usually separated into four pieces or less making easy to assemble without any instructions. The sculpt makes this figure unique from Bandai's standard six inch line. The sculptor captured not only the key details that Dino-Tank is usually known for, but there are also some great additions like the multiple wrinkles on Dino-Tank's body arms and the set of caster wheels underneath the tank.

You're probably wondering what are the caster wheels doing there? The actual prop (Dino-Tank) from the UltraSeven set probably needed caster wheels welded on a reinforced steel frame to support the suit actor's weight as the tank remotely rolled forward. Basically, this toy depicts Dino-Tank as a monster/prop from UltraSeven, which I find sort of funny. So how do I separate the terms monster and prop? When Bandai created a figure of King Ghidorah you saw him as a toy of a monster, but if the sculpt included a noticeable zipper carved in the vinyl you'd think that toy is based from a prop that portrayed a monster on the set. I'm not sure if I make any sense. I still think the overall design is unique in a cool way. Dino-Tank is made from solid PVC. He is colored gay with a few hints of copper tone highlights, white teeth, and goldish looking eyes.

Figure Specs:


Left: Bandai's standard 6 inch Dino-Tank. Right: Ultimate Monsters' Dino-Tank.
Final Thoughts:  Considering the fantastic design and inexpensive price, this figure should not disappoint you. I can't prefer this figure more than Bandai's standard line or vice versa, because I admire what both sides have to offer. What this version do well is looking very accurate to the show. Not only does Dino-Tank make a great decorative piece on your shelf or desk, but he also comes in handy as a paper weight!

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