Monday, July 30, 2012

Charapro Great Muta (Darth Maul) Figure Review

In my previous review, I shared with you everything I knew about the Great Muta (Darth Vader) version. I guess that makes him Darth Muta? The cool part about Muta was that he wore a one piece hood and mask that looked similar to Darth Vader's helmet. However, beneath that hood was Muta's mask that looked similar to Darth Maul's head. Now that the entrance is removed, we will now look at the Darth Maul version of Great Muta!

The Figure:  Much like the Demon version of Muta, this one is designed like he's gonna spit green mist in your eyes.

The details on Muta's pants and mask are the same as the Darth Vader version, so I'll focus on everything between the waist and head. The wristbands looks splendid. They are black with red outlines, and there are silver lightning bolts and the name, "Muta," included in the design. I think the tattoos add a cool touch to an already menacing look, and no they aren't real in real life. This version is based on Muta's match against Akebono in Wrestle-1 2005.

Figure Specs:


Size Comparison:

Final Thoughts:  I think the Darth Vader version would not be complete without the Darth Maul one. After all, if you enjoyed the Star Wars theme that Muta portrayed, shouldn't you own both figures? This is one of my favorite concepts of the Great Muta and I highly recommend this figure for anyone who's a fan.

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