Friday, June 1, 2012

S.H. Figuarts Super Saiyan Vegeta Review

Bigbang Attack!
I finally got around to review something I bought from this year's Kawaii-Kon. For those who've been in conventions before knows that almost anything you least expect to see in a dealers room will likely draw your attention. Super Saiyan Vegeta certainly reeled me in, and even though I was aware that buying this figure online is far more cheaper, I still could not pass him up while holding the box. Besides, the joy of conventions is walking out of there with some cool collectibles and I felt Vegeta was that hot item to purchase at the time. Was the price worth it? Let's find out!

The Figure:  I am really impressed with how sturdy this figure is! Vegeta is molded from ABS and PVC. All of the balls joints are tight and there are no signs of immediate stress on the plastic as I tested every point of articulation. I doubt those joints will loosen up any time soon. The paint job is rather flat, but the different tones does give this figure some flavor. The sculpt also adds some great detail on Vegeta's body figure as well as his space suit. The ultimate selling point of this figure is Vegeta comes with two additional interchangeable faces with different facial expressions and two additional pairs of hands. Those accessories give you the choice of posing Vegeta with different expressions and body languages. Vegeta could look calm, cocky through his smirk, or angry.




I am especially impressed how each expression adds on some small, yet effective feature like veins bulging on Vegeta's intense face, raised eyebrows, or even wrinkles.

Figure Specs:

Articulation:  Vegeta does have a decent range of motion, with the exception to Vegeta's legs being unable to bend forward at the hip. Those restraints prevents us from forming poses that require the legs to bend forward. However, as the box suggests, there are still some great things you can do to this figure. To list all of the points of articulation that I checked...

Final Thoughts:  Even though I am disappointed that the legs can't bend forward at the hip, there isn't anything to nitpick about. The figure is awesome and to have all of the accessories included is icing on the cake. The biggest joy is playing with various poses you come up with to match with Vegeta's multiple expressions. I think all who are big fans of Dragon Ball Z, especially Vegeta, will likely feel satisfied to own one of these.

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